Pac-Man suits


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Someone should notify the guys at Penny Arcade.


Worth noting the price includes the tie

Making them even more of a bargain!

I want them, but I’m not crazy about living alone at this stage.


This looks like a good interview suit.


“I’m an insatiable problem-solver who isn’t afraid to turn and face my obstacles head-on.”


“I’m a go-getter in the sense that I like running through the byzantine mazes of corporate bureaucracy populated with coworkers who are ghosts of their former selves who have the sole intention of seeing me fail.”


Free Tie?. Volume discounts? Tempting, tempting


I looked at the rest of their collection. The Pac-Man design isn’t even the least practical.

I’d like to see a Time Pilot one.



That really threw me, not how I remember Don Cherry at all…


Imposter Don Cherry is imposter!

@robertmckenna beat me to it


That seems like an expensive branding choice.


Not bad. Most of their suits IMO look awful, but I love the garish charm of “testival”.


For $109.99, (and most of the others are $99.99) these have got to be drugstore Halloween costume quality. I’d rather buy a few yards of the fabric and have a tailor make a decent bespoke suit out of it. (Which can be cheaper than you might think.)



simple extrapolation - we band together and buy 100 suits for the associated discount…


I’d wear it

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