Pagans infiltrate UK far-right party


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Wow, that photo. I had no idea UKIP was in favour of genetic modification.

What, you mean Nigel Farage isn’t 30% great white shark?

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I always thought he’s a great white snark.

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“He accused us of being part of the occult, which is ridiculous. We’re one of 110 members of the Angelic Reiki Association, and reiki healing is virtually mainstream."

These sound more like the ‘christian-syncretistic-and-possibly-slouching-into-postchristian’ sort than the garden variety pagan.

I’m a trifle surprised that a reactionary party would be willing to make that much noise about them. Have I just been numbed by the American popular and political appetite for ghastly public piety battle, or are these guys that embarrassing in some way not directly captured in the article?

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They’re a bunch of curtain twitching Daily Heil reading racists. That some of them are credulous morons who believe other insane bullshit doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.


Nail on the head mate.

I am saving that picture so I can use it in next years general election.

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