Far-right UK party releases excruciating, racist comedy song


Relax, Mike.


I am so fucking depressed.


What a load of Farage.


I’m 100% not a supporter of UKIP - but they aren’t a far right party. They are a populist, largely right wing party, with strong views on immigration, but they are a million miles away from the even more objectionable views held by the real far right. Various people have had a go at UKIP for being racist etc and all it does is serve to drown out proper criticism of their (non) policies.



If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…


In his defence, Mike Read hasn’t been arrested by Yewtree yet; that’s something of an achievement for a an aging Radio One DJ.


Your first link says “Ukip is not a rightwing extremist party” and that’s the Guardian.

I think the dude on the radio show rather proves my point…

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Science Denial, don’t forget the science denial.


It’s a steaming pile of Hamilton.

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I hope this video won’t make it to the Boingboing front page.

From the article:

Our research shows that despite its denials, Ukip’s policies and support base have significant similarities with those of the BNP

Yours is a near perfect example of the kind of doublethink one must engage in to see all of the evidence and still fall victim to the kind of ‘No true Ukipper’ reasoning which accompanies the virulent selection bias of its adherents and de facto supporters.


Never mind “Rock Against Racism”. Where’s “Skateborders Against The Nazis” when we need them?


Nazi Pols F#@k Off

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So Mike Read really is a tosser then!


I only know of Mike Read because he made David Mitchell angry years ago.

The joy of that here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09MsD8wSeYM

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To be fair, that article’s two and a half years old and is an opinion piece, not a poll. The party has had both a groundswell and many policy changes to reflect that since then.
Secondly, the more that people accuse UKIPpers of racism (a vastly general slur), the more firmly people will hold to their loyalty. Can you honestly say that every single person who votes UKIP is racist? That would be silly.
Thirdly, UKIP is unlikely to get into power. What they will achieve is to help break up the duality of politics that has dominated for so long. The LibDems achieved that partially in the last election. Hopefully the Greens will get their surge in the following elections.
We need as many parties in Government as are representative of the people, until all Governments are made of multi-party coalitions, and the idea of party politics can fade away gracefully.

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Wonder is Eric Clapton was a fan of this song…

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Proportional or first past the post?