Ukip councillor sends cops to activist's house, ask him to delete critical tweet



Looks like they are Streisanding the fuck out of item #8 anyway.

As for #9… unlike nearly everything else UKIP supporters have said publicly, that’s just not even funny.

Fascists in acting-like-fascists shock!

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I can’t believe I used to think the Tories were the acceptable face of fascism in the UK… I guess I must be getting old… :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of interest, Cory, where is the evidence that it was a UKIP councillor who did this (as opposed to all their other nutter followers) ?

Last thing I heard, the police were refusing to say who made the complaint (as is normal), and the only thing on the Cambs police website is the Chief Constable saying the police shouldnt have got involved.

( Before anyone thinks I’m pro-UKIP, I’d vote for David Ike before I voted for those fuckwits )

UKIP has rather cleverly realized that there are Tory voters who don’t think that the nasty party is delivering enough nastiness; but who wouldn’t want the proletarian stink of the BNP on their hands… With a little mendacity and a mostly clean suit, they stand ready to deliver!


Depends what you mean by evidence… FTA:

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said: “A Ukip councillor came across a tweet which he took exception to. The name of the person on the tweet was identified and that individual was spoken to…”

The local newspaper have now spoken to Cllr Peter Reeve, the UKIP councillor who claims to have made the complaint. He has defended his actions, saying that the leaflet is falsely claiming to be from UKIP (!).

Well may you ‘(!)’.

Leaflet concludes:

All of these are policies proposed by UKIP and its candidates.
Is this what you really want?

I noticed five or ten years ago that we’d found ourselves in an age where public officials, who might’ve gracefully stepped down due to the mere existence of controversy in a bygone era, today simply offer any old lip-service to an excuse, even in some cases appearing calculated to convey the message that the miscreant not only doesn’t give a fuck whether you believe his excuse, but also that it’s deliberately implausible, all the better to rub everyone’s nose in his impunity.

It’s Frank Zappa’s brick wall in the theater. We’re not playing Battle of the Ideologies anymore, so we’ve dropped the pretense of freedom.

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you might want to take a look at George Monbiot’s excellent blog on this very subject


That’s actually the bit I was hoping for a citation on.

Some of your finest compatriots once boiled it down very nicely:


To my mind, the question asked in the Guardian article gets to the crux of the matter:

“Why would a political party, so close to an election, seek to stop people finding out what their policies are or their past voting record?”

Because enacted policy has become so divorced from the popularity contest of modern politics that even the people who vote for UKIP will feel appropriately self justified in rolling their eyes and muttering under their breath about the ‘bloody politicians’ who somehow subverted their Prom Queen guise prior to the election into the actual reality everyone else was trying to warn them about.

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Thing is, they don’t think they are fascists. They think their views are just common sense, the traditional views of good old fashioned working men, the principles that made Britain great. They are a textbook example of the banality of evil; the very stupidity of evil, the negation of hard-won social progress in favour of what some Daily-Mail-reading moron down the pub reckons there ought to be a law against.

Giving them political power is like signing away power of attorney over yourself and your children to a bigoted, uneducated, alcoholic, wife-beating great-uncle.


I’ve had people who purport to be Labour supporters say to me with a straight face they’re voting UKIP as a ‘protest’. Five minutes’ or so of questions about why, however, and you get onto ‘eastern europeans’ claiming benefits and sending them home, and ‘islamists’ burning poppies. The amount of shit-thick racist cretins everywhere is hugely depressing. We’ve had an NF demo last week and an EDL one coming next week as well…

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The amusing irony here is that Cory will rail against UKIP, but in the same breath fan-boi his heart out over Disney’s Haunted Mansion, even if Disney has been one of the worst examples of copyright bullying in recent memory.

I guess one has to pick and choose amongst their favorites, after all.


I’ve known a few people who vaccilate between voting Labour and BNP, whilst still happily having 1st and 2nd generation immigrant friends. Cognitive dissonance is a bizarre thing.

I can only imagine that being stuck in a dying East Midlands market town makes you easy pickings for anyone offering simplistic solutions that blame others.


Tell me about it. I was born in Sunderland…

Pretty much sums things up. Politics will turn into X-Factor before too long.

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Or is the X Factor modelled after politics? Simon had to appropriate his already-proven ideas from somewhere.