Painter snorts watercolor and sprays it out his tear-ducts


I can project air from my mouth to make a whistling sound. Does that make me a musician?

I thought notes and rhythm did that.


Tokyo shock boys!!

Hmmm…given the easiest way to develop a major sinus-tear duct connection, I am going to assume that his paint contains a particular “special ingredient”. Probably makes it very easy to have all night painting binges too…

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O he’ll get along great with this Ms. I Vomit Paint. Blech. “Art”!


Keith Boadwee did it better.

I’m going to tag this story whatcouldpossiblygowrong.


0% chance of me playing this video.


Sent to two ophthalmologists. One says, “The anatomy isn’t supposed to do that. He must have blown out some valves.” The other does not disagree.

Good times!

It’s art, yes, but, well, eww.

“Do you have any idea how much of my blood, sweat and tears went into this exhibition??”

I had a friend when I was a kid who could blow bubbles in his eyes like that. I, on the other hand, can do this thing where my eyes vibrate. We made a good team.

I, for one, will be fascinated to learn which color permeates through the cornea and chillaxes in the aqueous humor for a couple of decades most efficiently!

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