Panama Papers: King of Saudi Arabia secretly donated $80M to Netanyahu's Israeli election campaign

T.E. Lawrence foretold everything that has happened in the Middle East, almost verbatim.

Foretold or agreed to ahead of time. The only off script was when we went against the Ba’ath parties in Iraq and Syria as far as I know. We were probably not supposed to do that.

What do we all think OBL meant when he pointed back 60+ years as the genesis of 9/11? That’s what I think he meant. (but that’s another thread, and I will need more aluminium for that one)

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HFS that is one helluva sentence you got goin on dere.


Oh, and lastly, HFS, Bibi! What did the Sauds think his opposition was going to do? At this point, it’s remarkable to think that the Middle East hasn’t fallen into complete and utter chaos and war.


The scene with him storming out of the talks and the look of realization on Omar Sharif’s face is such a gut punch and even more so all these years later.


Lawrence returned to England and in no short time killed himself on his Brough Superior Sadly he saw it for what it was, a huge cluster fuck with some of his name on it.

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I get that you have a difference of opinion, is it anything like that time the commenter hectored the host, like they were an editor and not a reader? Because that would be…

Only T.E. Lawrence could answer that.

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I considered making that last one part of the grand unified sentence but decided to let it go.


I was miracle of diplomacy and very careful border drawing that it didn’t fall into that after WW1.

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70mm imax is different than Super Panavision 70.

Nice illustration

It accompanies an essay, but since I don’t read Spanish, I can’t comment further

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Only T.E. Lawrence could answer that.

Pretty sure there were some Saud’s in the room with him, and he was an emissary of some imperial power or another.

The truth will out, but the history of how the region was brought into the 20th century stinks of petroleum, conspiracy, and camel dung - and not just to this American.


you’re bringing in IMAX for a reason I do not at all understand. That’s similar film when measured across, but it is shot sideways relative to theatrical, and projected in all sorts of other ways across a much larger screen. Apples and oranges.

70mm theatrical is about 18K

Oh, sorry. I though you were getting your information from

There are three things to think about when considering watching IMAX film: how the movie was shot, how it was edited and processed, and how it’s being projected. An IMAX shot Hollywood film, like The Dark Knight, is generally understood to have some of its scenes filmed on 70mm IMAX cameras. This 70mm film negative has many times the area of a traditional 35mm film negative, allowing not only for more detail but much more pronounced depth of field. According to IMAX, 35mm film has a digital equivalent of 6000 lines of horizontal resolution (6K), while 70mm film has the equivalent of 18,000 lines of digital resolution (more like 12,000 in reality). IMAX film cameras are heavy, loud, take a long time to reload film, and have limited mounting options on camera rigs, which is why no Hollywood film so far has been filmed entirely in 70mm IMAX. Christopher Nolan and Wally Pfister toyed with the idea for The Dark Knight Rises, but ended up shooting two thirds of the movie in 35mm.

The subject of the story (Herzog) denied any validity. Cory said he “refused to disclose his source documents” implying the subject of the story validated it, but he won’t give the documents. That’s crappy journalism by any standard and not a matter of opinion.

No worries. something something ass out of u and me


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crappy is a matter of opinion.

and what you’ve missed here is that Cory. Isn’t. A. Journalist.

and you’re insulting the host.

Bravo sir. Bra. Vo. Must be great fun at a house party. Do you insult the DJ until he changes the music when you find it not up to your standards? Some of us ask nicely, is all.

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