Panama Papers: King of Saudi Arabia secretly donated $80M to Netanyahu's Israeli election campaign


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Well, this isn’t going to end well.


Bibi has some splaining to do.


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?
This is gonna be bad for both of them.


I thought the diplomatic and intelligence co-operation between the Saudi and Israeli governments as well as publicly testing the Saudi military capability to stand down in the event of an Israeli attack on Iran and the the Saudi attempts to mend the rift between Fatah and Hamas to allow Israel and Palestine to negotiate a peace were all pretty clear indicators of the Saudi attitude towards Israel. They both ally with the U.S. after all.


Herzog did not “refuse[d] to disclose his source documents”, to that reporter, he denied the claim made in Al Masdar News, which the reporter called an “unsane website”. You completely reversed what happened. learn2journalist.


(that’s Lawrence of Arabia, which everyone should watch, because context)


And because it is an just amazing film. also if you ever get the chance to see it in 70mm… DO IT!


I HAVE! Such magic, much cinematography. Wow wide.


Kinda noobish question, especially because my eyes are kinda crap… how does 7mm compare to ‘modern’ resolutions for tv, youtube, etc?


Where are all the scandals for Americans in the Panama Papers? So far the only Americans I’ve heard about weren’t scandals - some elderly people in Washington who invested small amounts of money and had the company change hands a half dozen times, some elderly people buying retirement property literally in Panama and some Americans who have already been convicted of things like tax evasion through shell companies.

Hell, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think the IRS already had access to the Panama Papers or at least, global banking transactions.

Panama Papers Database now online

Not about resolution. It was the film size and the screens it was shown on. Kind of the IMAX of the time. This is a film that was meant to be see on special wide movie screens. I think maybe a 60" or larger HDTV and sitting right up close to it would sorta kinda do the trick but not really.
The scene in the .gif is not just ohh clever on a big screen but literally breathtaking.


Good question. HD is technically 720 or higher, many of us have 1080 now.

The best commercial TVs are HD 4K.

70mm film is about 18K equivalent.


Whoever said that didn’t have many enemies.

(quote from Game of Thrones)


Seriously. The guy is a xenophobic asshole who has no sense of long term consequences and thinks that brandishing a stick is enough to get what he wants (which explains alot on why he’s buddy-buddy with the American GOP; birds of a feather and all of that).

And now he’s secretly taken money from the Saudis? Yeah, this could end very poorly for him.


so literally best screen size is movie screen. Neat.


Wow I didn’t know it was that much. I guess it makes sense for it to look so sharp on the giant screen.


Perhaps because America’s Panama is… America. Or, at least, Delaware.

Panama Papers Database now online

most movie film prints are 35mm. The print I saw of LOA was recently restored, and went off the edges of the theater screen by about 2-3 feet on either side. And it was an old-timey screen for wide format films already.

It would letterbox on a modern HDTV and still be a worthwhile bunch of hours of your life. Do take the full half hour intermission. You will need it for the marathon!


T.E. Lawrence foretold everything that has happened in the Middle East, almost verbatim.