Panama Papers whistleblower issues statement, naming and shaming failed states and institutions


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Fuck yeah. +1 John Doe.

Peeps need to start leaning on this, big time. It’s the #1 issue - concentrating on anything but corruption is a waste of time, until we’ve liberated ourselves from the Scum.


Good thing we ended up with the best two presidential candidates imaginable to deal with corruption in the finance industry and government!

Wait, whu…?


I just finished reading John Doe’s statement and I really want to hear some comments from our presidential hopefuls.


Hah. Which journo is going to pose that question, in what forum?


I’m not a journalist, so I sent tweets to Sanders, Clinton, and Trump. If you have any better ideas, please go for it.


Sanders might well comment, but the others won’t touch that with a barge pole unless somebody shoves their nose right into it in front of everyone.

Who’s going to do that? It’s not like Glenn Greenwald gets to host a debate…


Maybe someone can get Sanders himself to bring it up in a debate…


They may have buried the lede here. There’s evidence that a financial institution laundered funds used for the commercial sexual exploitation of children? Those facts ought to be actionable.


Bravo to Doe and all those brave enough to sacrifice comfort for truth!


Pushing thousands of families into grinding poverty by dodging taxes ought to be actionable.

But how else will you raise the next crop of poors? Gotta get those sex slaves somewhere!


1400 words is a lot.
John Doe uncovered by forensic linguistic analysis in 3, 2, 1…


There won’t be any more debates in this primary, but he could bring it up if he gets to make a speech at the convention



Edward Snowden is stranded in Moscow, exiled due to the Obama administration’s decision to prosecute him under the Espionage Act. For his revelations about the NSA, he deserves a hero’s welcome and a substantial prize, not banishment. Bradley Birkenfeld was awarded millions for his information concerning Swiss bank UBS—and was still given a prison sentence by the Justice Department. Antoine Deltour is presently on trial for providing journalists with information about how Luxembourg granted secret “sweetheart” tax deals to multi-national corporations, effectively stealing billions in tax revenues from its neighbour countries. And there are plenty more examples.

Legitimate whistleblowers who expose unquestionable wrongdoing, whether insiders or outsiders, deserve immunity from government retribution, full stop.



Wait, didn’t the main character in that movie die from his gunshot wounds?


V did, sure; but his ideas did not.


Was anyone else getting the impression that John Doe is a Brit? They certainly write like one (eg referring to the ‘Tories’).


You mean the the idea of destroying the government to allow the Catholic church to take over and form a theocracy or was it about selling more masks to line the pockets of Time Warner?


The first thing you’ll notice in reading the 1,400 word manifesto is that Doe is eloquent. Like Snowden and a few others from the society of modern whistleblowing, Doe writes beautifully, passionately, and intelligently about their motives. They have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about the information they had access to, and what it meant for the world, and what it would mean for them to come forward with it, risking everything.

Alternatively, maybe Doe realized that a statement of this magnitude probably warranted the services of a paid, professional editor – if for no other reason than to potentially elude linguistic analysis (as suggested by @roomwithaview ) ?

Curious to note that he’s pleased with the journalistic coverage, as some have criticized those handling the papers as being notably uncritical of the Western institutions that pay their bills, indirectly or otherwise.