Pandemic sourdough: baking this loaf of bread made me so happy

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I know some people don’t like a crumb like that, but I consider it perfect!


I thought people go for those big windows? Its shitty for sliced wonderbread sandwich cuts but rolls are just perfect and this cut and slatered with butter is A#1.


You’d be extra happy (or chill) if you made THC or CBD laced bread :thinking:

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I find it curious; what causes it? I only tend to get big bubbles like that in my sourdough just under the skin, if I overprove it (24 hours in my icebox of a kitchen, rather than 12-14 which is just right).

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It’s yeast farts, basically!



think if I knock down the dough between the rises a lot, rather than gently trying to fold it into a boule without squeezing much gas out, the size of the bubbles decreases and the crumb gets more Wonder-y.

I have commerical yeast if i want Wonderbread.


I think you meant that reply towards Andrew but hell yeah for baking :bread:

Sure, but isn’t all rise just yeast farts? What makes it collect in such uneven pockets like this?

I’m not aiming for it in my own bread, just interested in the zymurgy…

Cue gratuitous post of last bake…


I’m on pandemic starter #2. Idiot me killed number one while trying to get it a bit warmer in my very cold country house. “Warm” in the oven is over 138f. Lactobacillus dies at 138. I was going to turn off the warmer “in a minute”. Don’t be like me.


Oh yes. I know in my case it’s not the holes themselves that are desirable (who wants less bread?), but that it’s a sure sign this is a strong, chewy bread: the best kind.

ETA that looks amazing, by the way!


I make sourdough bread rolls every week or so. I put them in the freezer and eat fresh one at a time. Never found the need to feed my starter every day or keep a schedule of any kind for it. I leave it in the fridge between bakes, use what’s in the container to bake unfed and feed the remainder. My dough will rise in about 12 hours in summer and 24 in winter. I’m sure it would be faster if I fed the starter before baking but it works this way so I never saw the need…


I stared at it for a few moments in wonder and delight…

Then I waited (the waiting is the hardest part) and sliced a bit off.

Delicious! I did a little happy sourdough dance around the kitchen.
Fed as usual, then fed with just flour, a cup at a time, two hours apart, til bedtime.
12 hours later, added more flour, threw the lump into my big dutch oven (research says Calphalon anodized is good to 450F) and let it rise a bit more, then baked covered at 450 for 30 minutes and uncovered for 15 minutes more.
I hope it works as well next time.

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