ParadiseOS far from it


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The very definition of v a p o u r w a r e, I guess? I really like the chill 199A aesthetic though, in spite of the slow, janky, ad-laden experience.


I straight up just wanted that to be my computer.

Like I’m going to have to look into chrome OS hacking situation just to see how close I can get to having a generally functional computer that I can skin with CSS


This makes me nostalgic for the 90’s. I loved my college days of having a huuuuuge AIM buddy list, and just bored late at night reading through people’s away messages.

Away messages. How quaint! Nobody is ever away anymore, so they’ve been phased out of everything.


I think this is what Ajit Pai sees in his head when masturbating.


A boit like VäporOS


Looks like it was mocked up with FVWM.


Other than the garbage apps/popups it kind of reminds me of the Solaris Desktop which I actually liked.


Meh, most of my “happy” memories are watching TV / playing video games / surfing the early web to avoid bullies, abusive parents, etc.

Looking back, there’s a bitter tinge that by the time I was old enough to have autonomy the economy was in the shitter. I had no time for games, even if I’d had the money. Hell, I only got a Netflix subscription in 2015 or so, the fear of recurring payments had been drilled so deeply into me due to years of economic uncertainty.

And the second I started to feel stable, I lost my (decent) job and Trump got elected.

Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangent. Time to listen to Vaporwavey mall music and try to calm down



(padding but I thought it was so-so on VMS)


I was thinking more like Gnome or JDE =P


I love the sneaky little Easter egg mention of that reality’s Sinbad-starring version of Kazaam, Shazaam!


Puppy Linux has variants that look very similar to that. They run on JWM, which is their own homebrew window management and desktop environment.

Really it looks a lot like JWM from like, 2005.


They should have used Eternal September dates.

Today is Sept. 8928, 1993.


Not bad, but of course for extra realism I would expect random crashes and bouts of unresponsiveness. 90’s multimedia!

I might also expect some appalling, completely inappropriate metaphor relating to the mall experience, but maybe that would only be in the “premium” version. See for instance Packard Bell Navigator or Magic Cap.




I am reminded of that weird OS that some weirdo was writing to connect to god, and never finished.


Around 1993, I had my Mac IIcx tricked out to the smallest details. Every button, every sound. It was pretty sweet. I haven’t spent that much time customizing anything since.


It was completed to the standards that they wanted (and some of those standards were pretty weird and restrictive)


We mock it but I bet TempleOS has excellent keyboard latency