Windows XP 2024 Edition is the final boss of fantasy OSes

Originally published at: What if Microsoft had evolved Windows XP instead of Vistaing it?

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The “Bliss” hill could use a more modern look.


As someone that still uses XP most days[1], I have no nostalgia for it.

  1. when an experimental setup works, you dont change anything until the machines all die and you have to start over ↩︎


I haven’t tried it, but there is a non-fantasy equivalent:


It’s a nice interpretation. All it’s missing is the 14 tiled windows overlaying the window you’re trying to use nagging you to install something that isn’t supported by the hardware it’s on.


OS-tan has entered the chat… Being fused to Oku-chan and [ah, the pause that self-pwns, the spillproof coffee steel insular whatsit, which dribbles, ] another -chan at the rear. [OS-tan: ‘Here comes a new charlengrall! You will feel haptic feels about my guesses about what you need before you even enter the room! Roll for de-escalation!’]


bliss is still my desktop background on every machine I use, even though they’re all Windows 11 at this point.

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Hah! I know someone who’s dad is a Prof in something to do with cryo (not the stupid, wake up in the future kind, the proper ‘I study very cold things’ kind). He still uses BBC Micros to run stuff, cos they just work.


I was really hoping the windows might have wider edges to grab for re-sizing. My chief complaint in Windows 11 is that it takes a lot of fiddling to catch the impossibly tiny edge with the mouse pointer.

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