Paramotoring down to the local McDonalds


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A paramotor sounds like something powered by paranormal Orgone energy and ghost snot.

He left the wing outside. Did they have a sign, “No skateboards or aircraft”?


Seemed like he’d be pretty good natured and cool about not wanting to bump other diners with his giant fan.


Gott works in mysterious ways.


Maybe chains should think about a fly-through lane? Using phones for ordering and payment would work, but there’s still the problem of picking up the order.

Perhaps a mini Fulton skyhook?


I don’t condone his choice of nourishment, but his aviation skills are killing it.


Somehow I don’t think he’ll be able to use the parawing in the drive through.


I visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton earlier this week with a different set of grandchildren. The earliest aircraft they have there really is wood, linen cloth and wire with an amazingly crude engine. I realised it is really the same configuration as the paramotor, but with immensely less advanced and reliable design and materials. The first guy who took one of those out over the North Sea must have been sufficiently excited not to notice that normal people would regard him as suicidally mad.
From bleeding edge state of the art high risk technology to a visit to Macdonalds in about 110 years is pretty impressive.



There is a guy who does this over the beaches off of the Chesapeake Bay near here. He looks like he is having a blast! He has a smile on his face from ear to ear every time he passes over people. No McD’s anywhere near so, his only goal is fun.


“Gotta say, this is a little awkward, flying over cows, eating a burger.” :sweat_smile:


I’d love to take up paragliding but I don’t like the idea of the motorized version, because you have to have this motor strapped to your back. Maybe I could put up with an electric version. But until that happens its going to be ridge lift and thermals (and no McDonalds).


Or a motorized paramour.


Does notional beef come from theoretical cattle?


It’s one of those spherical cows moving in simple harmonic motion as per the old joke about oversimplified models created by physicists.

  1. America’s baseline hyper-nationalism turns out to be useful after all, if you need to judge wind direction (you don’t see a lot of flags in normal countries)

  2. It makes me sad that people feel like they can’t openly go to McDonald’s without ritually badmouthing it. It’s OK if you want to go to McDonald’s.

  3. So… that’s his real hair?

  4. And yet, I would

  5. Anyway this looks like fun


is it creating a taurus ?

  1. The sausage mcmuffin with egg is one of the world’s culinary wonders

  2. Road trips require atleast 1 McMeal

  3. Free WiFi


Word. I love my country’s flag, it’s extremely useful in remaining upwind of cigarette smokers.

Don’t mistake can’t for don’t want to :grinning:



For many years I felt that way about Pizza Hut. No idea why, it just became something of a family tradition growing up.

Also - does anyone know where I can find data on how dangerous paramotoring is/isn’t? I’d like to know before trying to convince myself (also, my wife) that this is something I actually might want to try.