Parents: beware of the Infant Catcherbots


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Noel Edmonds… run away!


Even very small children can recognize the Uncanny Valley and flee. My concern is the day the bots become truly lifelike… and fast.


Argh! Their book isn’t available in the US. Must. Find. Importer…


That is freaking awesome.


Is “12nd” a mistake or is it part of the joke?

The specific date doesn’t seem important if you can’t know how to comply anyway.


Did you reread the poster for more information?


I didn’t understand until I read it for the 3st time.


1970s celebrity, Top of the Pops presenter, worked with children.

Who wouldn’t run away?


So, like, WOOOOooosh – right over your head?

.gif BANK for the BBS

Whose head, again?


My mother and her friends tried to protect us from detection…

It was in vain, but I was the only one out of the group to somehow survive the trials.

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