Paris pullout: Greenpeace projects anti-Trump message on Berlin's US Embassy

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In fairness, when his advisers told Trump to just pull out of Paris, he probably thought they were talking about something else.


I didn’t know about his involvement with Paris Hilton…


Not sure what you mean. I was just talking about him wanting to leave Paris :innocent:



Trump hasn’t got enough money for that. Also, her family hotels are rather classier.

But what are his advisers letting him know about this? Does he get to see these pictures? If so does he explode with rage or do they “explain” them to him (“It’s your picture on the wall of the US Embassy. That’s how much they love you over there.”)

At this rate, Trump is going to destroy NATO and start a trade war with the EU. Before long Vladimir Vladimirovich is going to be sitting in St. Petersburg saying “Donald, I can see your house from here.”


I like projectors so much I made an app for this sort of thing, called the Reality Augmenter ( It uses projection mapping so you can line up videos, text and images to whatever the projector is pointing at. It’s got other tricks like splitting your images across multiple areas, It’s meant as a cheap way to get into projection mapping without requiring expensive software and hardware, just an iPhone a projector and an adapter or chromecast.

Haven’t got any protest videos though I’ve seen it used for that, but to show how it can be used, here’s me freaking out my local bus stop:

My website (, currently a work in progress coz I’m not showing well enough what the app can do.

Hope the self promotion is ok.


Russian ROI

I get the projector thing. It makes for great web content the morning after. However, is it just me or has Greenpeace lost it’s edge? I remember when they were known for more bold disruptive gorilla tactics. Are they nothing more than hippy college kids wanna-be mountain climbers with clipboards taking names on safe urban streets?


I still don’t think you can blame Russia for Trump. In Switzerland or Germany, even if the Russian Embassy funded him to the eyeballs, honeytrapped half the politicians and two thirds of the journalists, and bought all the TV stations, he still wouldn’t have got elected. The English-speaking world seems to have inherited the German thing for dire politicians. Australian PMs have been just as bad as Trump, and nobody blames the Russians for that, they blame the same social groups that voted Trump.
The Paris pullout is Koch ROI.

It was all fine till the French secret service sank their ship and killed a crew member.


And till the Russians imprisoned some of them as pirates


Greepeace should perhaps focus their lens on the K Bros as well.


But, notice, didn’t blow them up and kill people. (And Putin said at the time, as I recall, that he didn’t think they should have been arrested; but if he were to interfere then everybody would say “there, you see, he’s a dictator who interferes in the legal system”. Basically, he can’t win.)

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No issue with any of that. Just obliquely mining for any irony there might be in the Russian alleged support for Trump, in the same reality as the Russian commitment to Paris, and Greenpeace flicking a V sign at Trump, having been badly treated by both France and Russia.

It’s a crazy old mixed up world (which was a kinda folksy and harmless observation in general before Chump and his inner chimp came along)

[Maybe I should trademark “Chump and his inner chimp”. Has a ring to it, I feel.]


Where was the projector positioned? Guess who’s embassy is right across from the US embassy?

What’s the name of the square? Pariser Platz = Paris square - makes it even more funny…


I applaud their willingness to fight for a (mostly) good cause but they do tend to overshoot their goal from time to time. I’m still miffed about the Nazca thing.


If it’s for something useful, no worries.

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