Macron rewrites Trump campaign slogan as "Make Our Planet Great Again"

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Such a shameful period for America. We were bound to fall eventually, I suppose. How appropriate it will be due to the decadence of late stage capitalism. May other nations take heed. And if you have children, absolutely make sure they learn Chinese! German also useful.


This is one of those rare moments where everyone on the planet is called upon to declare which side of history they stand on.

We should not exempt GOP politicians: they must decide now whether they want to continue enabling a regime that would make such an irresponsible and short-sighted decision on an existential issue or whether they’ll use the exposure of its corruption and alleged treason to help remove it.


I heard on the news the other day that the GOP is the only “mainstream” (ha) conservative party on the planet that totally disavows climate science as part of their basic platform. What a cluster.


Goddamit. I hate it when I have to side with France.

And now there’s this:


"We’re in alignment with Nicaragua and Syria, says Trump."
Shit, not even that. Nicaragua didn’t sign because they thought it didn’t go far enough, and Syria failed to sign because they were, you know, having a civil war at the time. The US literally stands alone here - even North Korea is on board.

Trump’s speech was embarrassing - he implied the accord somehow benefited Paris, and that he could “renegotiate it” to be better for the US. Neither is remotely true. It seems Trump is saying and doing things purely as meaningless messages to his base to make it look like he’s fulfilling campaign promises. He’s willing to blow up US/European relations and the climate just to be appearing to do something. He’s also willing to blow up the US economy as a side effect - ceding the future of renewable energy and related technologies to China, and possibly forcing the rest of the world to hit the US with a carbon tax on its products to make up for this. The fucking fucker.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.


The view from Germany tonight:


No surprise there, he installed the head of the agency he did in order to basically shut down operations, that was obvious from the beginning, and even stated by them, essentially.



Ah, so covfefe is an arbitrary new “French” word.


U.S. environmental agency to offer buyouts to cut staff: memo

… Early outs and buy outs … can help us realign our workforce to meet changing mission requirements…

I think I would take the $, then reapply for the job in 3 months when there is a new administration.


I assume that at least part of it is a spiteful response to Macron besting him in that mano-a-mano handshake last week, followed by the rest of the EU (and the world) laughing at him over NATO. He’s a thin-skinned man-baby, so it makes sense* he’d respond to an unforced but embarrassing error by trying to destroy something others view as valuable.

* “makes sense” as in ‘that was predictable’, not ‘whoa - that’s a great idea!’


I mean, I think the US leaving the accord is a bad thing too, but the mechanisms for CO2 reductions that have been debated in the Paris accord so far all rely on capitalist principals.

If this is true, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Paris accord. China is the world’s most populous country and a major economic engine - the Paris Accord doesn’t change that fact, though obviously it’s in China’s interests to deal with climate change, but I think their buy-in was always viewed as more important than America’s.


wow, Macron is crushing it today


I wasn’t referring to just this news as to why we are in the process of falling. It is literally just the example of the day. Personally I am more immediately concerned about the fact that very probably, MAD is currently broken, and NATO isn’t exactly thinking the most highly of us these days.

And again, China has been, at least on some levels, on the ascent for a while now. But America leaving the accord is highly symbolic of America leaving a power vacuum in the world, and China is the most likely party to grow into that void. This is just the latest nail in the coffin of American primacy. Whether or not that’s a good thing in the long run, it still creates a very destabilizing set of circumstances, especially given how dramatic climate change is likely to be in just the next 50 years.


My French father rises from his grave!

Vive la France Vive la America!


Get used to it, mon amie…


The economic death blow if American political-economic trends continue on their current course will be the end of the USD as the international reserve currency. I’m not sure when or how it’s going to happen, but the currency of an isolationist and protectionist country with a rapidly shrinking middle class that votes in corrupt demagogues doesn’t usually hold that status for much longer (it’s not looking good for the GBP, either). Once that status is lost a death spiral begins.


i wonder a bit what trump gains by making america last again? does he just see himself and his family grabbing freely at lots of cash while the ship goes down? maybe he sees himself retiring to a private island?

he’s got to see some advantage other than just being the biggest bull in the china shop.