Parkland kids' Rube Goldberg machine illustrates the aftermath of school shootings


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Ammosexual response: let’s discuss the characteristics of the bullet shown at the beginning.

Seriously, go Parkland kids!


The white hot heat of rage I feel towards our defunct dysfunctional politicians on both sides of the fence, and those riding as well.

22 days to Voting Time!



My fondness for clever Rube Goldberg machines is at odds with the horror, frustration, and rage that the topic and the song evoke.


there’s a lot of biting commentary in there, but the nodding yes bobbleheads representing the politicians while they stand in a snowstorm of money from the gun lobby is super on-point.


‘Teach the children well’; good on them.


“If you can’t accurately describe the ballistic properties of the bullet that shot you, you aren’t allowed to talk about it!”


That was brilliant. A truly wonderful thing. Kids today, eh? :wink:


Pro Tip: watch this video with your 17 year old daughter. Makes it much easier to swallow the tears!


I don’t want to be a moment of silence…


Intriguingly I found this in Dave Kellett’s ‘Sheldon’ earlier this afternoon…


But…most of us are too old to be hipsters.

Good on the Parkland kids. They’re turning their grief into positive action. They give me hope that the Dumbest Timeline can be escaped.


Yes, but I am doing it ironically.


The video cycles three times, but there are slight differences in each one. e.g. the fire sprinkler banners are different each time. There are probably a lot of “Easter Eggs”.

Classroom 518? Hm. There were 518 911 calls from the Vegas shooting.


The scoreboard in the gym displays the number of gun deaths each day and each year, but doesn’t turn on until the second cycle.


And everyone was staring at her eyes, of course.


I’m impressed. I couldn’t watch more than one cycle.


Yes, but once I realized the cycles were different, it seemed a shame not to pay close attention to the details, like the labeling of the memorials in the middle cycle. The classroom number changes.


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