Parliament to Zuck: show up or else


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That question needs to be reworded. “Sites on the Internet” is wild-ass guess, ask for a total number of tracking sites rather than a percentage. And say people, not users.


Kinda toothless.


The threat or the Parliament in general? I’m guessing there’s a Vorlon answer to that question.


The threat. So Zuck doesn’t go back to the U.K.? Big deal. He’ll still be making money off them. Unless they sanction his business, it just seems like it’s not much of an incentive.


I dunno, appearing before Parliament didn’t work out so great for Sir Thomas More.


To an extent. You can be the sort of person who says, “If I ever go to the UK the police will intercept me at the airport, but that’s fine, I just won’t go to the UK.” But for a lot of people, knowing a G8 government is looking to detain them would be a bit of a cloud over their head.

I really don’t know where Zuckerberg falls on that spectrum.

Plus, choosing to ignore it it may push Parliament to take further action on, such as sanctions against the business. Otherwise they’d look toothless, and they don’t want to look toothless.


I heard Glenn Greenwald say that in the radio when David Miranda was arrested in the UK: He guessed he was never going to the UK, and he guessed it wasn’t going to be much of a loss.


Wow, I wish that I were summoned to appear before Parliament, as long as they footed the bill. I’ve never been to the UK and I’d love to go.


I suppose if Zuckerberg does go he’ll prefer to do it on his own dime. The UK will probably spring for coach on the red-eye at best, which would be OK for the likes of us but not him (you know, privacy and so on).


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