Speaker of the UK House of Commons says Trump will not be allowed to address Parliament


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But really, why would they want him to address parliament, even without the travel ban? They’d get a time-waster where he incoherently babbled about how popular he was back home, mention fighting terrorism (and how terrible the problem was in the UK), how good it was they were leaving the EU, and maybe something about getting rid of wind farms. Hell, why would anyone with any brains actually want Trump to talk to them? There’s nothing to be gained but a reminder of what an idiot he is.


This move might prompt a normal leader to think “What am I doing wrong?”

For an arrogant, unreflective ass like Trump, he’d probably take it as a sign he’s doing something right. (“I’d rather hang out with Vladimir anyway! He’s got class!”)


I think I would have allowed him to address Parliament, if only to show everyone there and the world how low the English language can be taken by an Ugly American.


"An address by a foreign leader to both houses of parliament is not an automatic right.

Wouldn’t want to be the poor slob that has to tell tRump the news.


Much like travelling with children, you take the route that doesn’t pass by any Dairy Queens, and then just hope they don’t realize that you’re deliberately avoiding the place.


At some point people he liked (because they liked him) will turn on him and he’ll have to lash out at those he once praised.


Best use of parallel structure I’ve seen in months. Brav-fuckin’-o, Doctorow.


Not true. He is nominally a Tory MP, although he’s very unpopular with them. He was elected mostly by Labour MPs. The Tories wanted George Young.

Neither Reagan nor Dubya spoke to Parliament on their state visits either, but they weren’t specifically disinvited. They also had to wait a damn sight longer for a state visit. And I don think Ford, Carter, Bush 31 or Clinton ever got one at all. Which makes May’s toadying look even more craven.


It’s nice to see Joey doing something after Friends.


For a supposed populist, he’s really not much of a speaker, is he?


“I’ve decided I don’t think Parliament is worth addressing.”


Why? Why would a country want to elect him?



Dear Mr. Farage: you are not even an MP, shut your piehole already.

Dear Rt. Hon. Bercow: jolly good show! It looks like you might actually be doing something that could justify the for-life position you hold. Please continue.


But Queen Elizabeth can still lop off the head of any offensive people visiting the palace regardless of diplomatic immunity?


Still no word from the Mothership on whether he’ll be addressing Funkadelic.


I can hear him now addressing Melania “How you doin’?”…


I would drop my belief that the monarchy should be abolished if the Queen made a statement that she would prefer not to meet Trump. That plus the snub by Parliament would make for a piss-poor “state visit”.


I think that boat has already sailed,
In and out of the same port.
Several times.