Trump won't go to the UK until Parliament is out of session, to avoid being denied admission to the Commons


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Allegedly he wants to hold a rally in “a massive stadium”.

“The idea that is being discussed is to hire a major stadium in Birmingham, Cardiff or even Wembley and to bring everyone together in a massive rally to celebrate the special relationship between the US and the UK.

“Trump is a huge supporter of the military so the plan would be to charge people £10 to attend with all the proceeds going to the Poppy appeal.

Can’t see how that could go wrong.


I hope he does this, I really do. Besides the large number of people who would completely fail to show up, since he’s a presidential candidate already, wouldn’t this also be blatantly illegal?


They should go one step further, and deny him admission to the UK until he is in compliance with his own country’s law.


Skip the UK. I hear there’s a great facility available in Nuremberg.


I’m hoping that this delay will allow him to avoid

for a different reason. Id est, because he won’t be in office anymore.


Apparently his stated interest in grabbing pussies was self referential.


I didn’t want to go to your stupid party anyway!


Demand the passwords for his social media accounts as a condition for his entry, just like he’s proposing be done in the US. [Then have one of the UK border agents “accidentally” change his Twitter password to a random string of alphanumeric characters.]


To our rally come along
Come along to our rally
Come along to our rally come along
A Brave new world will rise from the ashes


He doesn’t need to go to Germany. How about holding it at the Olympia.

on 7 June 1934 the Blackshirt rally of Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists filled the Grand Hall.

and from the British Union of Fascists wikipedia page

At the Olympia rally in London, in 1934, BUF stewards violently ejected anti-fascist disrupters, and this led the Daily Mail to withdraw its support for the movement. The level of violence shown at the rally shocked many, with the effect of turning neutral parties against the BUF and contributing to anti-fascist support. One observer claimed: “I came to the conclusion that Mosley was a political maniac, and that all decent English people must combine to kill his movement.”


One thing Trump is missing is a personal flag. The man needs a flag.


I just hope when he meets the Duchess of Cambridge that he doesn’t grab her by the crotch and give her an open mouthed wet one.



The tone of the original Guardian article was more like “the UK won’t invite Trump until parliament is in recess”, for what it’s worth.

Also from the article:

Officials are also said to be keen to limit the president’s public exposure more generally during the visit, in order to reduce the opportunities for protests

Though if there is a ‘stadium fundraiser’, I’d like to think that a counter fund-raiser would raise rather more money for the Poppy appeal.


Yes he does - what did you think those banners he had hung in the oval office were? You can see them in the pic @Papasan posted a couple up there ^



Too generic. He needs something like a gold TRUMP on a field of pure white. You know what I mean? Klassy!


They’d better get the rental fee up front…


Sure, he can visit the NS Documentation Centre while he is there. The park and the zeppelin field are monuments to the madness that ruled from 1933 to 1945.