Donald Trump warns Britain over travel ban debate


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If I was the Queen, and I assure you I’m not, I would count this rather low on the list of threats to the nation.


aww man, vote in Trump so he can nuke Parliament! c’mon you know you want to.


To be fair, there is two petitions that have both got enough votes to cause them to be debated. One is calling for Trump to be banned from the UK for hate speech (this is an actual law we have), and another calling for him to be allowed in because we have freedom of speech and it will be funny (if Trump thinks the US press are nasty to him he’s got another thing coming).
Of course, now he’s started throwing threats around I think a lot more people will be in the “No, fuck you” camp.


What, exactly, are these consequences? The City of London won’t miss Trump’s couple billion (if it’s even that much) even a little.


He’s going to fire the United Kingdom?


Sounds like he’s threatening to close his golf courses - which apparently lose him money anyway - but surely that can’t be right, I thought he was the world’s best businessman.


As far as I’m aware this isn’t correct. The petition to allow him in is currently at just under 40k votes which means that the government is required to issue a short statement but doesn’t require a debate in parliament which requires 100k votes.


London already has 72 billionaires living in it - they won’t miss a visitor.


(<a href=“"target=”_blank">The City of London. Not the same thing as metropolitan London.)


You could well be right, serve me right for skim reading something :frowning:


No problem - I said ‘as far as I am aware’ as I had to just go and check it myself. The petition does end in June of this year so it could still reach the required amount. Also, the ban Trump petition will be debated on the 18th of this month so should be interesting to watch that.


I put my name down in that petition, but not in an honest attempt to ban that buffoon from entering the country. Rather, and I would imagine like many others, I just wished to stir the pot and get more high-profile animus directed in a worthy direction.


Trumpster: A legend in his own mind, personified.


a ban would “alienate the many millions of United States citizens who wholeheartedly support Mr. Trump and have made him the forerunner by far in the 2016 presidential election.”

His wholehearted supporters have probably never been out of their own home state - let alone across the pond. No worries, Britain! Please ban away!


Wait a sec. Do ‘the millions’ of Trump supporters actually have passports to travel outside this country’s walls? I didn’t think they traveled anywhere where there wasn’t a Wallmart within earshot.


The petition doesn’t go far enough. We need to build a wall to keep Trump out, and make him pay for it.


If Trump is banned for hate speech violations then what happens if he’s elected president? Hilarity?

It seems as though world leaders are exempt, at least it seems so to me. Iran’s elected and theological leaders spew hat speech, as do many other world leaders but as far as I know they have no travel restrictions.


So besides withdrawing future investments, the big punishment is that London would be spared experiencing a bunch of loud mouthed racists? It’s almost like he is asking to be banned. Wait, I bet he does want to be banned. That would follow his existing playbook of do the opposite of what is considered best practice.


<However, according to the Trump Organization, a ban would “alienate the many millions of United States citizens who wholeheartedly support Mr. Trump and have made him the forerunner by far in the 2016 presidential election.” >

I was thinking the same thing. Do the British even want people, who support Trump, to visit?