1.278 million Britons petition Parliament to block Trump's state visit, but Theresa May refuses (so far)


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Meaning that Parliament will “consider” it for a debate.


Well, thanks to Brexit we already know they are Xenophobes.


Whatever happens, at least this will serve as a notice to the leaders of other Western nations that issuing an invitation to him is not a good idea.

I’m sure he’ll have plenty of other opportunities for state visits from his fellow kleptocrats and authoritarians around the world


Brexit is the reason why this visit won’t get cancelled, and why Mrs T (May) rushed over to kiss Trump’s ring so quickly. Having fucked up the country’s trade totally by voting to leave the EU, they need to make deals with the US and other countries to replace it (pointless, really, because Trump’s zero-sum approach to negotiation will guarantee that they get shafted, but that’s their problem for their idiotic vote in the referendum).


It would be cool to see him go there and the only people to welcome him are May and anyone she ordered to be there. When they drive into London, there is no body on the side of the road or if there are, they all have protest signs. That would warm my heart.


They still haven’t made it official. Maybe they could play Lit’s “My Own Worse Enemy” on a large boom box in the rain and make up.

“Can we forget about the things I said When I was drunk
Didn’t mean to call you that”


They will, though.

If I wasn’t a Brit living in the USA, I might find the race to the bottom between the two of them grimly amusing (but probably still just hideously depressing).


If the end result of Trump’s ego and ignorance doesn’t lead to his impeachment, as is my hope, I would settle for worldwide condemnation and public humiliation on such a scale that he holes up in his Mar-A-Lago White House for the remainder of his term, saving his urine and fingernail clippings in jars, until his exclusive diet of taco salads and french fries leads quickly to his fatal myocardial infarction.


Yep - just came here to state that. From the FAQ for petitions (https://petition.parliament.uk/help):

Petitions which reach 100,000 signatures are almost always debated. But we may decide not to put a petition forward for debate if the issue has already been debated recently or there’s a debate scheduled for the near future. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you how you can find out more about parliamentary debates on the issue raised by your petition.

They might decide that this isn’t something they can debate, claiming that they were merely passing on the invitation from Buckingham Palace, and therefore it’s not technically their invitation.
Or some such bollocks.

Anything to save face, basically.


It would be cool to see him go there and not come back.


This is on the grounds that it will embarrass the Queen. I personally believe it will cause Americans much greater embarrassment, so I’ve started a separate petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/donald-trump-cancel-your-state-visits-united-kingdom




"And you know, we got such a great welcome from the Brits. I mean, they love me. I love them too. Everywhere we went there literally billions of people waving flags. Believe me, they are my friends. The Queen told me that they hadn’t seen such crowds since Shakespeare won the World Cup. This is a movement, folks. The BBC have asked me, confidentially, to star in their next Coronation Street movie. I met James Bond, he gave me his laser watch. Great visit, great times. This is all true by the way, don’t believe anyone who says otherwise, they are losers."
continue ad infinitum in that weird alto-glossal monotone


And then Sewer Rat Barbie will give us more “alt-facts” about the visit!


Ms May […] at a press conference in Turkey

She’s touring all the failed democracies this week, trying to get someone, anyone, to give us a trade deal.


That’s rather cruel to the UK. Surely there’s an unoccupied island somewhere non-tropical that can host him and his cadre indefinitely.


Bir Tawil. landlocked and not claimed by any neighboring country.


To easy to escape leave.


Egypt and Sudan could build a wall and let Trumpistan pay.