Major airlines won't fly kidnapped children anymore, but Trump is still welcome in the UK

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We live in very strange times indeed, when United and American show up in a news story for doing the right thing. The world is officially upside down now. We’ve left Godwin territory in the dust now-- forget nazis, the Administration is now lower than an airline.


When you are so evil that even morally bankrupt we are happy to kill your pets United says NOPE.


Pffft they want him over to get some pointers…


I don’t see the issue with a foreign government (especially an “ally”) keeping plans for a nation’s leader to still visit. You have to keep lines of communication open for better or worse and telling him he isn’t welcome only completely destroys that “ally” status into “enemy”.

The two things are not nor should be connected. When nations are accused of atrocities…simply jumping to “WE WON’T TALK TO YOU ANY MORE” doesn’t solve the issue.


they could go a step further an offer to reunite the children back to the parents who are now what 1000 miles away?

I mean what is trumps plan to reunite the children after the parents are deported without them because the agencies do not communicate or coordinate?

We’re literally creating orphans.


After the visit maybe Theresa May can announce that we have “peace for our time”.


Well it seems things are changing

But all that money spent on chain-link fencing (and much more) will need to be justified. Who’s next?
Will all the deplorables previously approving this now shout at him for being weak and feeble, I wonder? /s


Well, that’s because of the wording. See, it’s the images that are “deeply disturbing”, not the actual act of separating children.

It is not the UK’s approach… to allow photos of children in cages to ever make it to the public. Also, I might hazard a guess that the UK might favor covering their cages in a certain ornamental-yet-very-very-flammable wall siding.


You make a good point.

(As long as we remember here that “Welcome” means the Government still want him to come, not the general public. We all think he’s an massive asshole.)

Ah, diplomacy. Welcoming assholes the world over with a smile because you might just get something out of it.


It would be great if Norway offered to take all the children and their families. Imagine conservatives sputtering with rage.


Hansel and Gretel knew what to do with kidnappers.


That’s the key here right…diplomacy. Unfortunately at the level of “world leader” you more times than not have to sit down with less than desirable bed fellows to try and work towards a greater good.


My twisted brain read about the invitation still being open and immediately flashed to the scene in Goodfellas when Joe Pesci enters the house expecting something other than what he receives…


it was all about him wanting to look like the hero to his base.

I don’t think we can say telling Trump he’s not invited is the same as ending relations with a nation. Lines of communication are one thing. But inviting a dictatorial child man who abuses the basic human rights of people in his nation isn’t really what diplomacy and foreign relations are about. There is no need to have such a person given the mantle of legitimacy by inviting them to speak as if they were a real leader and part of international participation.


I believe those with the mantle of “world leader” would unfortunately disagree.

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And that makes a difference how?

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Did he look smug while signing it? I literally (in the truest sense of the word) am unable to imagine he didn’t. I can’t picture him with a solemn expression that wasn’t triggered by him having read an unfavorable tweet.

I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of families being separated,” the president told reporters in the Oval Office, flanked by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Vice President Mike Pence. “I think anybody with a heart would feel strongly about it. We don’t like to see families separated.”

He thinks people with hearts would feel strongly about it. He has to think it, because he’s still on the yellow brick road, so far away from the city of Oz and his own heart. Better start jogging, Mr. Prez… time is running out.

I’ve also heard that it’s a “temporary” halting of family separations. Are they simply postponing it until they can figure out a way to continue it unobserved? If so, they won’t have to worry about recouping the lost expenses.


No one’s talking about how the White House is being mobbed by time-traveling assassins right now.