'Family detention' existed under Obama, too. But systematically separating kids is all new

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So Obama didn’t do it?



This is seems to be just breaking;


No, he quite clearly says Obama was a step along the path that got us here - it’s a ramping up of deterrence to meet or exceed the present danger to those individuals making the journey.


Obama wasn’t ‘a messiah,’ he wasn’t “the greatest thing ever since sliced bread;” he was a politician who was not as bad as many of them are.

He was, to quote Eric Michael Dyson, ‘the Jackie Robinson of the US presidency’; not the greatest, just the first.

That said, looking backwards won’t fix this horrible fucking mess we’re in now. We need a real, viable exit strategy that’s not just lip service, because we’re going through Hell right now, and stopping just isn’t an option.


Roger That!


At least we have a permanent thread to link to when the trolls show up falsely claiming that separating kids from parents is an Obama policy and also that liberals and progressives here are giving him a free pass.


No ‘free passes’ here; if someone is a rich politician, they are automatically part of the problem, IMO. Some are just way worse than others.


I think everyone remembers Obama being called the “deporter in chief”

so I think many people understand how it’s always been.

Asylum seekers have to the right to come to the US and petition to stay.

Every president (congress actually) has required them to come through a legal port otherwise it’s illegal entry into the USA so asylum petition is invalid.

But many mexicans cannot get legal asylum anymore, the legal immigrants are from far harsher places in central america, so even if they “do it right” and come through a port, they are going to get denied anyway.

However ONLY this president has said, oh you’ve got kids? Well while we detain you, you cannot have the kids around, so we are taking the kids.

So illegal entry = take the kids.

Denied asylum or wait for aslyum review = take the kids.

And now he’s been stockpiling kids as a currency to get congress to pay the $25 Billion for “the wall” so he can give the money to his construction cronies.

I’m not surprised he is so incredibly evil, this was demonstrated and even outright promised during the elections.

But I am surprised there is at least 40% of America that supports him, that’s far more scary.

People like to post political art and cartoons lampooning trump. But really, it’s the people enabling him that are the problem.


US Code Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter II, Part I, § 1158 disagrees with you (and them) on that point.

Any alien who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to the United States after having been interdicted in international or United States waters), irrespective of such alien’s status, may apply for asylum in accordance with this section or, where applicable, section 1225(b) of this title.

(emphasis added)


I’ve said before, Obama was one of our less awful Imperial Chairmen. Trump is one of the worst and at least in some ways the worst. People who say new boss same as the old boss have issues with reality.


ah okay I stand corrected and not surprised I got it wrong as the “news” barely covers the history and details, only the current crisis without perspective

I was also under the impression the dems wanted more ports and more staff for the ports so people would be less tempted to cross anywhere they could



In a system this intrinsically corrupt and inequitable, “the lesser evil” is as ‘good’ as it’s going to ever get.

What blows my mind is the people who don’t understand that this current clusterfuck is the worst we’ve ever seen in our lifetime; no matter how nefarious any previous POTUS may have been, they all still at least pretended to respect the rule of law.

That this one doesn’t sends the entire ‘freight train of manure’ careening crazily off the fucking rails, and that’s scary as all hell…




If only there were a venue for publishing good articles that didn’t require them to be subdivided into miniscule chunks…

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And he was wrong. Just like Trump is wrong. The degrees of evilness don’t even compare here, though.


Yup. Trump is certainly different from Obama.

OTOH, people who say that “none of these bosses are ethically acceptable, and the continuation of imperial business-as-usual is inconsistent with global survival” have a pretty good grasp of reality, IMO.


Yeah and they can’t be arsed to get involved or even hold their nose and vote for the one closest to their side to pull things that direction.


The folks that I listen to generally have a much greater involvement in activism than just pressing a button every two years.

OTOH, most of them also voted in 2016, as an attempted damage control measure. Despite their very real and valid objections to doing so.

The idea that Trump’s election was due to voter apathy or third-party support is not accurate. That’s an idea primarily promoted by establishment Dems as a means of disguising their own corruption and incompetence.


“I’ll tell you what we can’t have. It’s these parents sending their kids here on a dangerous journey and putting their lives at risk.”

I’ve seen this defense used already on face book. I asked back, “So taking kids on a potentially dangerous trip to safety is to be condemned, but staying in a place where they are more likely to be raped or killed or suffer extreme poverty and disease is ok? I remember when we called people who escaped Cuba, or the Nazis, or North Korea, or East Germany heroes and courageous.”