UK petition to ban Donald Trump gets 370,000 votes


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Is it possible to revoke his citizenship and toss him out? How do you do that?


No it isn’t. That’s what prison is for, but voicing ugly opinions isn’t a crime. First Amendment and all that.


really, I think we could get “Inciting Domestic Terrorism” to stick.


Since they’ve barred Dieudonne, Mike Tyson, Tyler the Creator and Fred Phelps from entry in the past, I don’t see why there should even be any debate on this. Why wouldn’t you ban him from entry?


While this is certainly encouraging, to put it in perspective, a position to ban all immigration and close the borders until ISIS is defeated has more than 400k signatures.


The Trump petition now has 438,681 signatures*, despite having only been running for two days.

As the BBC article didn’t give a link; here it is.

*Risen to 438,854 while I was typing this.



Well, it depends how ugly. “It’s time for Americans to start identifying and killing Muslims,” is probably far enough to press charges. “I’d happily pay $5000 for each Muslim ear delivered to me” would definitely be far enough. I mean, calling for people to be denied entry to the country is not nearly as severe as calling for them to be hurt or killed, but it’s unambiguously a call to deny people human rights. Maybe the difference is that we consider killing people to be a settled matter as a bad thing to do (at least when speaking in public) but we don’t denial of human rights based on religion to be so settled that we can deny the presence of a slippery slope.


Rather than ban him, let’s invite him. I’d love to see the likes of Andrew Neil expose his utter idiocy in interview.


Pity nobody here in the US will ever see your eggheady BBC shows.


Only by choice. Pretty much everything’s available online.
He got Alex Jones pretty riled-up, but that’s not too hard I guess.


Riled up? He was completely in control. That was perfectly classic Gish Gallop.


He does have it mastered. He’s like the WWF version of conspiracy theorists.


I love Michael Nutter. Can we just carry him around to all American cities where he can just be awesome for the rest of America.


Strangely, we don’t seem to have one to ban him from the U.S. yet. And the one to block him from running for president only has 1,386.


oh no, a scary internet petition


Grand idea, let’s get his permission first…


My question is: only 500,000 signatures?!?


I’m not sure how widely known it is, but in northern British English, ‘trump’ means fart.
eg: “ha’ you trumped?” == “have you farted?”