Petition demanding Donald Trump release his tax returns breaks White House record


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That petition system needs to get shut down by executive order, STAT.


Mark, it’s like you read my mind - I just signed it about 2 hours ago - not that I expect it to amount to anything, but still.

I went to the White House petition site cheekily wondering if anyone had yet proposed placing El Presidente Trump onto a piece of currency or postage stamp ASAP, but no way to search for said petition did I discover, so I signed the “tax returns” petition instead.


This audit is taking forever. :neutral_face:



Do you need to be a US citizen to sign?

Update: I guess the answer is no.


Even if it isn’t, I think that we non-citizens should abstain.

We don’t want him to level more charges of voter fraud.


You also don’t want to contaminate the quality of the data when the signatories are added en masse to the no-fly list. Or are investigated by the Secret Service for uttering threats against the president.


I signed. Not because I expect it to make him release his tax returns. But now every time time he says to an interviewer that the American public doesn’t care about his returns, they can point to this White House petition. It’s just one more little thing to heckle him with.


I guess that’s not one of the petitions that is mysteriously refusing to tally signatures. Though there have been reports of issues with it as well…


At least Trump can honesty claim he has the biggest crowd for something.


The response will be: "All the signatures were forged by someone sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds."

To be fair, those 400-pound guys are good at the cyber.


There is another petition to bring back climate change information to the WH web site. Worth signing that one, too.


I have a strong feeling that his reason for withholding his tax returns has less to do with corruption than hiding the fact that he’s not as rich as he lets on.


I think he has as many dollars as he has hairs.


So, does that mean he also has a stash of counterfeit money under one or two layers of actual currency?


Actually, the site is down already - all new petitions for the last 48 hours are not incrementing their counts. Example:



I just assume at this point, the petitions are just so he can easily add names to his “List”


plot twist: we the people has been taken down. Sort of :wink: