Petition demanding Donald Trump release his tax returns breaks White House record


Weirdly, it seems you don’t have to be a member of the USA to sign. All you need is a working email address.



Must be that uber hacker 4chan’s fault.


Probably, but I like what the Slacktavist says,

This is all even more astonishing when we consider how utterly shameless Donald Trump is about so many things that normal, reasonable people regard as disgraceful. This is a man who brags about sexual assault and marital infidelity, who seems proud of his fondness for torture and of his contempt for the weak. Realizing the extent of the horrible things he has no problem regularly revealing about himself makes it even more disturbing to imagine what sort of deeds he would try to hide.

What could it be!!!


If so, I just made his “list.”

(Badge of honor)


“forged by someone sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds”

Which is a pretty rich statement coming from the guy with the 46-inch waist who probably needed to have the Taft bathtub reinstalled.


If he did, it would ironically be the secret service responsible for`investigating it.

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