Donald Trump says he will bar immigrants who don't like "our religion" (video)

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It comes as a surprise to realize that there are still boxes on the “I’m a fascist” checklist that Donald Trump has not yet checked, but he finds a new one every day.

He has signaled very clearly that he does not believe in any of the values supposedly associated with democracy, and that he fully intends to run an authoritarian regime if he regains power. Some very large number of people in the US are apparently just fine with that. I guess they didn’t care for “freedom” or “democracy” quite as much as they used to say they did.


So basically, “christians” blocking christians from coming in.


He’s consistently aligned himself with Christian Dominonists, though. They are one of his main bases of support.


I mean…he actually did this when he was President. SCOTUS made him change it a little to give some plausible deniability that it wasn’t about religion, but it was. So he will do this again. This is not empty talk from him. He means it.


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Anti-immigrant Identitarianism is the core principal of every resurgent fascist movement in the West. We can laugh at him for his ignorance of how the American system works, but we must always bear in mind that this is how he and his followers want the American system changed.


But he’s not ignorant of how the system works in this case. Again, he literally did this when he was President, and SCOTUS upheld it.


Jesus fucking christ.


Even Jesus hates you, DJT.



“Our religion” according to DJT

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Always true. One thing about him, he says how evil he will be out loud and often. There are too many who either didn’t believe him or thought that “the adults in the room” could control his most evil impulses. These have all been disproven, over and over. He’s told us who he is. If we don’t believe him at this point, that’s on us, 100%.


To be clear, the 1A does not apply to immigration benefit applicants. For example, I can walk around town wearing a shirt that says “death to America” and, well, I might hurt some feelings but I’m allowed to do that. Someone applying for visa who shows up to the interview wearing a “death to America” shirt can, and probably would be, be rejected for that, and will not be able to win in court based on 1A claims.

As for religious discrimination in US immigration, this practice is long-established in the USA. The Lautenberg Amendment, passed in 1990, singled out Jews for special immigration treatment and I don’t remember there being any controversy over that and in fact it is renewed each year. Soviet Jews had one status (come on in!), Soviet Orthodox Christians had another status (not welcome, sorry). I’m not sure if any Orthodox Christians tried to challenge this, but it would have been hopeless, because as I said, the 1A doesn’t apply in this case. The Lautenberg Amendment has since been expanded to cover other groups, although it continues to exclude Muslims, apparently. Again, it’s renewed each year, without controversy.

If we’re going to end religious discrimination in immigration, we need to end it by a) repealing any laws like the Lautenberg Amendment and b) passing a constitutional amendment such that the 1A is extended to explicitly cover immigration decisions.

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Anyone naïve enough to think that Republicans are true friends of Israel just because the GOP hates Muslims would do well to pay attention.

Just because Trump’s daughter married into a Jewish family doesn’t mean he gives a crap about Jewish people.


The first doesn’t say anything about citizens, it restricts the government and mentions people. It’s not like it’s an oversight, “citizen” is mentioned elsewhere.


Simple answer: aliens are not entitled to enter the country. Therefore denial of an immigration benefit isn’t harm. Here’s a much more detailed legal review which is very much worth reading to understand the situation.

As someone raised Catholic in a small farm town peopled with Evangelicals, I learned first-hand that they don’t consider Catholics to be Christians…so blocking more Catholics coming into the country doesn’t bug them because they think we’re going to Hell for being heretics.


You just moved the goalposts, the question was about 1A, which applies to anyone in the country, regardless of status. There’s actual case law on this.


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If no “aliens” could enter the country, then there would be no immigration.

And yes, immigrants, even undocumented ones, have rights under the constitution…