Only 9,000 people attended Trump rally on Saturday


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Has he arrived at his Sportpalast Speech already?


Doesn’t he have anything better to do than hold a rally?


I’ll let me tweet from Saturday speak for me.


Please tell me at least 8,000 were protesters.


He does – such as, er, running the country – but he’s literally kicking off his 2020 re-election campaign.


Given what he has been up to when not rallying; I’m going with ‘no, apparently not’. If anything, we should probably encourage him to spend more time on comparatively low risk onanistic distractions and less time close to important levers and switches.


We could give him some FAKE levers and switches. Kind of a Fischer-Price Busy Box version of a situation room, with a big map and control panels and a conference room full of guys in general’s uniforms who nod and mutter “brilliant!” whenever Trump makes an asinine strategy pronouncement.


Drumpf apparently does not.

But I wonder about the people who attend his rally - don’t they have anything better to do? No toenails to clip? No lawns to mow, or car to clean? Nothing?


[quote=“nungesser, post:7, topic:95440”]
He does – such as, er, running the country – but he’s literally kicking off his 2020 re-election campaign[/quote]
The actual purpose of which will be to funnel money into his family business.


Nah, dude. To these guys, 45 is their hero. They’d sell out their kids if it meant they could bask in the Orange One’s possibly syphilitic sheen.

Like, my uncle is a 45 supporter, and chose him over his nieces, his son, his siblings, and his own mother. It’s the classic cult of personality, x100 because the cult is inherently political and rooted in proud ignorance.





Trump’s Beer Hall Pooch


No - this rally was held on private land - and word was out to the area that paid rioters would be on site to cause trouble - the intent was to incite violence and arrest every protester. I’m almost convinced the jabs at the media were specifically to make sure they all were onsite for this rally just to get it on film.

The word (3 days out) was DO NOT protest here - DO NOT show up - DO NOT give him pictures to advance his propaganda.

President Orangecicle didn’t get photo op he wanted from this little shit show.

edit incite - not insight


There was this, though


Given that the rally was in Florida, surely we were prohibited from seeing several news articles about innovative methods of cooking meth in an ATM with the assistance of an alligator.


Wow, that’s a lot of rioting thugs. How much do you suppose George Soros pays them?


Rainbow Pizza gift cards.


A VR headset. The best VR headset. And CGI generated scenes of enormous crowds. Armbands optional.