Passengers walk down tracks of UK's highest rollercoaster when ride closes due to winds (video)

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Ok…that sounds like something I’d have nightmares about.


The good thing from my perspective is I would not have to have done that scary thing. I’d never have gotten on that coaster in the 1st place. Way too scared.


How is making people walk down a narrow, exposed staircase in high winds safer than just completing the last ride and then shutting it down?


It does get a bit windy in Blackpool


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And how do you get to the point on a 3-5 minute ride that it’s immediately imperative to shut everything down? If the winds are even near the fail safe point, don’t release the next ride until they abate. Just seems like extremely poor management and decision making. I mean, I’ve been in three tornadoes and even then you have a fair bit of warning.



Good thing I hate roller coasters, especially with my shit leg which would hurt with all those movements.

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Meh. I’ve been on at least two coasters that are about 30 m taller…

But, no, I haven’t had to GET OUT AND WALK DOWN. IN A STORM.

I like rollercoasters (especially tall, fast ones) but I like them from the safety of the coaster car’s harness.

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I was at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on Easter Sunday. I won’t ride The Big One any more, it’s the equivalent of being strapped to a shopping trolley and pushed down a hill. It’s harsh riding and – unforgivably – rather boring after the first drop.
There’s more to this than the winds. Because, last Sunday, my son and I were watching The Big One from the queue of Icon and the carriages kept stopping about 1/4 of the way up. And a member of staff appeared to be checking the restraints. It would stop for two minutes at a time. Trackside guy appeared to check everybody’s lap bar before letting the carriage continue.

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