Pastejacking: using malicious javascript to insert sneaky text into pasted terminal commands


Emacs is also a web-server that you can run on Heroku.

I was going to say something about “not suprised if Emacs can control your roomba” … but then I decided to google it.



But why would you ever want to leave emacs?


To retrieve the roomba from the dog?


I just want to go out on a limb and say JOE (jstar) is the best text editor because you don’t have to remember the commands. Yes, I know how to search commands in emacs and I wrote all the vim commands on an index card.

Vim and emacs are remarkable examples of software and if they are flawed it is only from excessive polish and sophistication.


pico/nano/joe are nice if you’re a casual *NIX user who just needs to edit a file every once in a while. If you spend hours in a shell every day then moving to vi/emacs helps since the time and effort invested learning the beasts is gained back by greater productivity with ultimately more time and effort saved. So what’s best depends on what your needs/use are.


It’s just… I have to configure emacs to start in wordstar mode. I get distracted by too many features and I think vi / vim’s modality makes me less efficient overall.

Of course if I spent all day wrist deep in server configurations I would probably be very loyal to the big two for a long list of reasons.



Well, those boots look like ski-boots, and he’s holding some sort of high-tech rifle, so I’ll assume that the hero of that book is some kind of future biathlon champion, and that cowboy dude is coming to see what all that racket was…


Must be an awfully big index card. Or really tiny handwriting.


This is the same trick Tynt and some others use to alter your clipboard for SEO or user tracking or some such hostility.

There are browser extensions that disable it, but the easiest way is to block Tynt’s servers in your hosts file. Then you can easily add others when you come across them.


I used both sides. And looking at it it’s just vi, not vim. I can scan it if anyone wants.


Amen! This is why every “copy” I perform makes a quick pit stop at TextWrangler so I can see if what I copied is really just the string I wanted, and not some other part accidentally highlighted (often appearing as tabs where the HTML table cells were). Also to copy whole blocks, then paste the individual lines into bash.




I was referring to its common use on computers without windowing systems, and how everyone tried to shoehorn in extra features to make it an environment that worked on top of the OS, but you never had to leave. The first GUI at Xerox PARC came out the same year as emacs, so I’m a little unsure of what you mean.


I mean that GUIs are dated, while text never goes out of style!


VIm should work just fine then, right? :smiling_imp:


For certain, limited definitions of the term “work.”


Don’t start in with the damn roomba again.

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