Patreon CEO Jack Conte reflects on his many, many failures

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That was genuinely wonderful. And I had no idea he was the other half of Pomplamoose! Fantastic video, definitely worth the 35 minutes of your day.


Where’s your copy editor? Here, I fixed your lede

This video failed to get the views it deserved when it went up a few years ago


I don’t want to dedicate time to watching this because of the way that SW’s helped to build the site, then were unceremoniously shadowbanned, black listed, and ultimately kicked off the site.

Does anyone know if he talks about the mistreatment of SW’s as one of his failures in this video? I’d be curious to watch it if he does. And maybe even give Pomplamoose and his other projects a chance again if he does.

One of my many failures!

…third wheel, but Screenwriters or Software Writers? I get SWS as smut with substance from UrbanDictionary first in search of course…okay using DuckDuckGo it’s the Society of Wetland Scientists. Svelte Wranglers! Ah, tyvm.

Sex Workers.

Because the video is a few years old, I don’t think it comes up. Specifically Patreon several years ago kicked off “real life” sex workers (people who posted nudes and the like.) On and off they’ve kicked off a lot of queer creators for various reasons. Doing a story involving hypnosis can get you banned for violating non-consent rules. I think at least one furry artist has been kicked off for “bestiality”, etc. A friend of mine who makes lewd games on patreon as his main job is basically constantly emailing back and forth with their creator services desk to make sure nothing’s construed as breaking the rules.


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