Paul Krassner, Interview Part 2 — And Henry Miller with a 1973 Buchla Music Easel

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“Pigeons were flying through the canyons, it was Broadway”


“I stood at the window and cheered until I was hoarse…!”


FWIW, I know that red discs were relatively common ca. the 1950s on RCA 45s.

Manqueman: Oh, indeed. Sorry, I was just carnival barking, mildly. It doesn’t take away from their appearance when you encounter them, though. It was still an extra touch to do in production, not unlike getting a lacquer finish on a book. I only mentioned “on red vinyl!” to speak of the fun of the object. But it’s the rarity of Henry Miller reading (even self-recording, at a local restaurant because it is the only source of electricity!) not the colored disc, you are correct.

You wanna talk about red: If this were an acetate or a self-recorded disc, it would likely be bleeding the red dye at this point and be nearly unplayable. I had a few and they literally started melting their color onto the sleeve and your hands when handling. It’s horrifying, like toxic goo. have a turntable with a totally busted needle for only those kinds of things. Ended up having to throw a bunch of them away at a chemical handling service once I determined they were so physically unstable they were possibly flammable. Now THAT is red! Ha.

How about this: The color of the disc is appropriate, as Henry Miller was a widely red author.

Ethan, far more of a response than I deserve. Just wanted to provide a little historical context. And yes, a deep, lush red is Miller’s color.

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