Paul Krugman, Economics Fighter

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Cool animations, for a Krugman fluff piece.

Hmm? I’d normally associate “fluff piece” with something favorable to the subject, and I certainly left this with a negative impression of Krugman. I suppose it’s fluffy in the sense of not being especially substantive.

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Maybe I misread. Each frame look to me as Krugman’s response to his critics. Ending with “Krugman Wins”

It’s weird tho, right? No links to any of the cited articles, and can’t select any of the text.

It’s another one of those standard “Shape of the world- opinions differ” pieces, that’s so stuffed full of forced “neutrality” that looks like it was written by someone who didn’t know what they were talking about. We don’t hear who made what predictions, what actually happened, and what that says about the abilities of those making the predictions- you know, anything that would actually help us to find out who was right.

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Just nitpicking, but it looks more like Streets of Rage to me. :smirk:

You’re right, too.

Not a Krugman fluff piece, but a character assassination. It has Krugman making complaints, other people making complaints about Krugman rather than addressing his complaints, and then summing it up with “Krugman declares himself the victor”.


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