More videos from our University of Chicago interdisciplinary seminar series: "Censorship and Information Control"

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I know this is a stretch, but the first thing I thought of when I read “University of Chicago” was Milton Freeman, which made my mind jump to “free helicopter rides”.

I commend their commitment to free expression* though.

The econ department continues to attract some fairly creepy randroids; but the university as a whole is hardly in lockstep with the econ department. Still plenty of disconcerting sorts(I met an actual, non thinktank-bred, person who enthusiastically and voluntarily espoused her enthusiasm for the Project for A New American Century there; which was…an experience); but the econ department isn’t as much representative as it is (in)famous.


I can’t speak for the current state of affairs at the U of C, but back when I was a student (in the – gasp! – 80s) the Econ majors were held in contempt by most of the other students.

The student body wasn’t particularly left wing but Econ was viewed as a pseudoscience and those who majored in it either lazy or stupid. So I would not assume that the neoliberals in Econ are particularly representative of the rest of the student body.

(Favourite motto: The University of Chicago, where fun comes to die)

Listening to a Milton Freeman lecture won’t change your mind, I promise.

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