A database of professors who've traumatized the right's pampered little Special Snowflakes


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I wonder if the list includes profs who’ve been “biased” by “pushing” conservative views. /s


Damn, yeah. Last year my comment would have been “Ha-Ha, also known as the cool professors list, or something something wear it like a badge of honor” but yeah, all lists have gotten a bit chilling.

I searched for my alma mater, which should have just been bulk uploaded, if they knew what they were doing, but it wasn’t even on the list. My professor for Black Thought: Beyond a Boundary (syllabus: Franz Fanon, Aime Cesaire, Malcom X, et. al.) made me break into a sweat by the end of every class (the best sweats, exactly the kind of sweating out a little white mama’s boy from Maine needed…)


Would it be too cruel to suggest setting up a ‘safe space’ for these poor wounded culture warriors to recover in?


Alternate Models: Vexing to the Reich Wingers.


They had a safe space, it’s called the entire world.

Now we’ve come along and started taking parts of it away from them, so they are throwing a tantrum about it.


See? We are more alike than we would like to admit. All of our coddled youth are thin skinned babies who need to harden up a bit and not freak out if confronted with conflicting views :wink:

Just kidding about the part in the middle.


I don’t get the part about shooting students. Wouldn’t the right be in favor of that one? You know, Kent State, dirty hippies, etc. etc.


I haven’t checked, but I don’t see how the physics faculty here could miss having every one on it – they’re all atmospheric physicists and astronomers. Also, the math department is intolerant.


I checked for my school and was disappointed to only see two profs on there. Then again, there aren’t many conservative students at my university to do the reporting. The day after the election, there was a small group of students who had a table set up to espouse their shitty brand of conservativism. They do this on the regular and everyone usually gives them a wide berth. That day, nobody would even look at them except the chicks running the taco truck set up 20 feet away… who spent the afternoon heckling them and denying them tacos. It was pretty much my school in a nutshell.


So, now there are right-wing students whining about someone having a different opinion and left-wing students whining about someone having a different opinion? Sounds fair to me.


0 results found. I’m disappointed, dudes who put this dude all over campus leading up to the election.


Damn straight - and the best way for liberals for tackle this one is to own it by standing behind the academics, and espousing why such a list amounts to an honour roll.

(Hint: reality’s left-wing bias is a factor)


My uni’s not on the list. Then again, the student body is pretty diverse, and perhaps a little more tolerant of differing views. That, or the kids are paying more attentiion to their phones than they pay to the profs.


No way am I clicking on that link. :poop:


The students reporting on the intellectual “purity” of their professors reminds me of the Red Guards…


I want to be on the list! PLEASE!!! :slight_smile:


So happy that I’m no longer a professor. I always tried to be even-handed, but these guys get offended by established science, so there’s no way to teach without “offending” them. Pretty hard to do when your subjects are climate change, early earth history, that kind of thing.

I di have one student at the University of Colorado tell me that she didn’t believe in an earth more than 6000 years old, but she would answer as if it was t keep me happy on my tests. I knew I wasn’t going to change her mind at that point, but I told her I appreciated her letting me know. What was nice was that she was polite and reasonable about it.

It’s funny how the right love to point fingers at “safe spaces” and speech codes and they can always find an extreme example from one school or another, but they have played exactly the same game for decades now and in a far more widespread fashion.




Being an opinion? Sounds fun! Please explain how I can sign up to be an opinion.