Paul Manafort is the latest terrible person who says he should be released from prison because of Covid-19

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Part of the lawyer’s statement is incorrect

Having a pre-existing health condition doesn’t make you more likely to contract COVID-19; it just makes you more likely to die from it.

I’d have more time for this stuff on humane grounds if prisons were going to release other people locked up for non-violent crimes. Special treatment because “I’m Paul Manafort” shouldn’t apply, and relatively few inmates can afford a lawyer to work on their behalf.


First people who are locked up on non-violent offenses, including non-violent drug offenses. Especially those pre-trial.

Then look at people who maybe comitted violence,
but are unlikely to reoffend.

Manafort hasn’t personally done violence, but he’s bragged about contracting, aiding, and abetting violence. He’s threatened the lives of those who would see him held accountable, and has shown a tendency to reoffend while on trial for his offenses. Sorry, he’s too much of a risk to the community. He can stay in.


Interesting how many of them are of the “let it run its course; the cure is worse than the disease” party as well. Can’t have it both ways. They need to stick to their principles and trust that they are special enough to be spared. Show us common folk how it’s done.


You know, putting him in solitary for 6 months would protect him from contracting the disease, but for some reason he’s not asking for that.


Cool, let them all out!

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Isn’t the President he helped put there the reason this is such a shitshow, and the party he helped is the reason prisons are so overcrowded and dangerous for this?

Fuck him. Let him reap what he has sown.


Yeah, it’s all the privileged douchebags coming out of the woodwork, essentially making the argument of: “Why should I have to risk dying in prison like some sort of regular person?”


Never hurts to ask, I guess.

Shouldn’t his former boss pardon him? He lied all the way through his purported cooperation.

Dear Mr. Manafort:

Not this time buddy. Contact me again though, and maybe we can talk it over, when the nuclear apocalypse happens.


The Warden

I’m not a fan of incarceration in general.

But he should die in prison. Many are the murderers who are less awful than he is.

I’m actually somewhat in agreement. We need to be releasing a mammoth number of people who don’t pose a risk to the health and safety of other people in this time. Go ahead and put him at the end of the list of people with comparable crimes. Once we’ve released the other tax cheats and people who threatened witnesses, sure let him out. There should be a clear and orderly system of releasing people that captures risk posed to the prisoner and risk the prisoner poses to others. We should have had such plans in place for decades, because while a pandemic is rare in any given year, it rises to a near certainty over the lifetime of the state.

As much as I like the idea of locking Mr. Manafort in a hole, the way we do solitary doesn’t actually prevent that risk. He would still be in at least daily contact with the guards who have been the primary infection vector for most prisons so far.

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You want out? Turn over everything you know - then we can talk.

Not before.


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