Paul Manafort released from prison 4 years early due to COVID-19, will serve rest of time on home confinement

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Ankle bracelet time for Manafort


What about all the other non-violent offenders - can they be released to home comfinement too? /s


So, just like the rest of us except with a mansion, grounds, food delivery and the money to access anything he desires. Swell.


Blanche said he spoke with Manafort after he got out.

“He is good,”

Praise be! It’s a miracle!


It’s not about who you know. It’s about what you know about who you know.


What’s with the photo? Is this the real reason he was released? He’s grown a small devil’s head that spews obscenities & is unnerving his guards?


All you peons stop your whining and get back to work! It’s just an Obamagate Witch Hoax! Also, Paul Manafort must be released from prison because of this deadly virus!


Surely he’ll be required to enter some sort of rehabilitation day program.

Perhaps work release from his home to clean nursing homes?


Our judiciary is so fucking broken.


So far 2,471 inmates have been released to home confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, NBC’s Mike Kosnar reports.

At least he about as low-threat of violent offense as they come. Next Roger Stone?

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Still seeing “The Democrats want to use the pandemic as an excuse to release all the criminals from prison!” all over social media.


From what is known of Manafort’s family life, he may wish he were back in the slammer.

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Everyone who is quarantined is facing the same sentence.


I read this story on some major news sites this morning, and I was struck by how they referred to Manafort simply as a former campaign aide rather than the former campaign chairman. It felt like an attempt to distance him from that campaign’s candidate.

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I think he should have the same communication and behavior restrictions that he had while in prison.

  • Route his home phone through the predatory prison inmate telephone providers. (Global Tel Link (GTL) and Securus Technologies)

  • Internet through [Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System] (TRULINCS)

  • Be required to follow all the normal rules of the FCI Loretto facility. Particularly following their daily schedule and having to have some suitable prison job such as laundry or kitchen duty supervised by his own house staff or telemarketer with the same uncomfortable chair all the prisoners have to do when they work a similar job.

Obviously this would be ridiculous to do to all prisoners released early due to the pandemic but it really pisses me off that all of dRumpf’s little toadies are being given a pass one way or another.


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