Paul Pope's Aurora West: a new Battling Boy book


What a cool premise and introduction. It’s almost like the dad is Mr. Monster from the old comic series.

it’s about time!!!

When I was fourteen, a friend and I (both of us comic book readers) looked up Michael T. Gilbert in the phone book (we heard he lived in our town) and paid him an uninvited visit. Despite the rudeness and creepiness of the visit (it was over 20 years ago, so maybe not as creepy as it would be today), he welcomed us with open arms into his home and studio. He showed us his workspace, where he was working on something for Disney, if I recall correctly. He showed us his comic collection, which was prolific and amazing, told us about his work process, and was genuine, warm, and friendly. We only stayed for a half-hour I think, before we started to feel self-conscious about dropping in like that, but I believe he would have welcomed us to spend the entire afternoon.

There is no point to this story, just wanted to share what a wonderful experience I had with the man, who is also an incredibly gifted and original artist.

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Great story, thanks! :smile:

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