Paul Ryan boasts that his tax cut resulted in $1.50 per week raise for secretary, then deletes tweet


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I’ll just leave this here.


500k is just the tip of the iceberg for his contributions because of the tax bill.


how does such a large contribution jive with individual campaign donation limits?


It’s always striking to me just how little the lawmakers end up getting paid compared to the benefits reaped by those paying out. $500k just does not feel like a lot of money. Maybe we can start a crowd funding scheme or something.

Also, fuck Paul Ryan.


Hey Frye…can you help a brother out?


Talk. About. Clueless.

A multi-trillion dollar giveaway to the already rich… and a buck fifty a week for your average Jane.
I bet that secretary is going to be surprised when Paul Ryan spearheads destroying the New Deal.

I do however like that Randy Bryce is asking for $1.50 donations. Go team iron-stache!


Wow, $1.50. That’s like a cookie a week. Late-stage capitalism seems to be really big on the whole cookie as reward thing for the proles.


That’s what they are in the middle of now.


Funny thing is Ryan is actually the sane and reasonable candidate in the WI Republican Primary

Seriously WTF is wrong here that we have someone who actually makes Ryan look like less of a dumpster fire?





The secretary is either a part time worker for the school district or she is married and/or she already has a near-zero federal income tax burden per year.

If single, to save ~ $78 ($1.50 per week * 52 weeks) they’d be making $11,430 per year, which is at most 1,576 hours @ PA minimum wage. (I dealt with actual tax burden, not withholding).

After saving the $78 per year the secretary’s new federal tax burden would be $0 (zero dollars) per year in 2018.

(Assuming no kids. If kids, she could make quite a bit more and still have zero federal income tax in 2018, and in fact would get money back (negative tax)).


PACs are one hell of a drug.




Ryan, you are a filthy bastard. Your welcome…


Because OF COURSE peons should be happy and GREATFUL for an increase of $1.50 per week. And in exchange they shouldn’t complain when we kick them off of Medicaid.

“If we punish the poor, we’ll have less of them.”
“You mean ‘fewer’ and I don’t think that’s really how it’s going to work, you see…”
“No we’ll punish them by taking away their healthcare.”
“Well that just might ‘work’.”

It does feel like Paul Ryan’s theme song is “Kill the Poor” by the Dead Kennedys.


Look, small tax cut, large tax cut - if it’s a tax cut to the lower and middle class, its a good thing. Maybe even the upper lower class. But the fact the upper upper class got a much bigger cut when they not only can afford the burden more than the others is what is getting people’s ire. The right wing true believers waving the line about “How is the government giving me back my money bad?” shows they lack nuance. YES, we can over tax the rich, and that would be bad - but given the growing wealth gap, that isn’t the case.

The fact is we need taxes to keep things running, and our debt is still climbing. We need some - you know - fiscal responsibility which I naively spent a decade or so believing the Republicans actually cared about it.


We paid more in taxes this year thanks to the tax cut.

And touting $1.50 as helpful is, well, it’s an insult, frankly, for struggling families.


Do you live in a high tax state? Do you have a residence that has high property taxes? Has your income increased greatly this year over last year?

If not at least one of those I have yet to see a single taxpayer for whom it is true that they will pay more federal income tax in 2018 than they did in 2017.