Paul Ryan concludes his fiscal science experiment, a success!

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan conducts a rigorously scientific fiscal experiment.


Is Emily a reference to Emily Rosa, who published an experiment refuting therapeutic touch in JAMA when she was 11? Good choice.


“Math is part of our enemy right now,” Ryan said. “It’s algorithms on websites and cable news that are basically saying in order to survive this business model — hits, clicks, and ratings — you better project back to people what they want.” -Vox

Ummmmm, political science much Ryan?




once again, this hurts too much to laugh


Yeah, the big problem with this comic is that you expect it to be a joke, and then it’s just a plainly stated description of reality.


I’m still looking for the joke. Nope not here. How about under this stack of money? nope. Maybe over here under these preexisting conditions? Nope. Maybe under all this racist, mysogynistic and authoritarian crap? Nope (although there IS quite a lot of it).

Can anyone show an example in actual history when supply side economics actually WORKS? I mean there must be some pointy bit of the bell curve where the wealthy are actually taxed far too much and returning some of that wealth to active use by individuals would be better than government using it? I just don’t know of any examples tbh.


Supply side economics really works for you if you’re already rich.


Supply side economics might as well be communism. If you try to point out to a communist that in reality communist regimes have been cruel, corrupt and inefficient, they will tell you that it just hasn’t been done right, that those regimes weren’t real communism. That’s what supply side economists do. They tell you that it hasn’t been done properly yet, and if they could only double and triple down on their ideas some more they’d get there.

Science checks back with reality to see if it’s right, but economics is not a science. It’s philosophy. Philosophy has never let reality get in the way of a good story.


I’ve heard it said that Supply Side only works when two circumstances are true:

  1. Tax rates are very VERY high (in the 90% range) and
  2. Most folks just don’t pay their taxes

In this case, lowering the rates could actually prompt some non-payers to become payers.

The person who related this story to me said it worked in India. I never bothered to verify.


They are testing their “matches put out fires” theory over and over and pointing to the time they tried in a monsoon as proof that it works.


Well, and, when deficits are being run up because you’re giving money away to the rich or puffing up the military:


Can only hope for extreme karma for this fool. Combined with truly massive personal betrayal by those Koch brothers.

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And even then, it’s a temporary benefit, ultimately. Long-term, the impact it has on the economy is detrimental even to the wealthy.

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science is biased
i worked hard for this


He proved scientifically one can live with their head up their asses for years on end

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