Pay to play, kids

This park is getting a £20 (US$30) entry fee for a play area. It’s in an interesting part of town - posh one side of the street, not posh the other. The overall park is a public park, with a paying zoo in it. Famous park.

Personally, I find this deeply offensive, and intensely divisive.

I rather suspect there might be some damage to the lovely equipment as people get a little cross about the whole thing.

Wandsworth wanted “additional adventure and challenge” facilities and has now agreed a contract with the Go Ape leisure firm to build a high-wire “tree-top adventure course” in the tallest trees above the playground. The council said 20 jobs would be created and, subject to planning permission, the course would offer a “thrilling and challenging two- to three-hour long treetop experience”.

This sounds like a bit more than a “play area” to me, though.

I getcha, but the issue revolves around using public space (the Royal Parks are somewhat special) to infiltrate a commercial operation.

The poorer kids in the hood outnumber the richer by a massive degree. It’s divisive to economically separate them from the fun. It breeds ongoing cultural excision.

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