PeaPod pop-up portable kid-bed -- tensegrity for your toddler

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This is a timeslip and is nine years old.

That said, we have one of these PeaPods and it is great.


I just assume now that any Cory post I see on the BBS page with <5 comments is probably a time-leak. However, a link to anything that isn’t a fucking travel cot (the world’s most obstreperous and evil piece of engineering) probably ought to be a sticky on any forum frequented by procreating humans, for reasons of societal betterment and overall human happiness. Fuck, I hate travel cots.

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It’s for very, very small people. I wouldn’t put anyone over 2 in here. It’s more an air mattress in a small tent. We used it for the beach and it was awesome, but it’s small.

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I’d dig a baby-pit and line the side with planks I’d hewed myself with an adze before I tangled with a fucking travel cot again. It’s easier just to stay home, it really is. Hell, my kid’s twenty-one, but I still remember

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