Penguins tour an art museum in Kansas City

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I’m sure the penguins found Caravaggio’s work more interesting in part because of his reputation for being a such a crazy mofo. They find a certain frisson in such un-penguinlike behavior.


Yay Kansas City is in the news again - oh god da-- wait, it is for a good reason this time?

Oh, uh, yay. I am not sure what to do with myself…


You’re stuck at home…I think you know what to do with yourself. Especially after that South Korea soccer story. <wink wink, nudge nudge>

PS. I too am amazed to not find myself contemplating a Florida-Man-but-in-Kansas moment.

ETA: PS statement

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The Nelson is a wonderful museum. Been there many times. It’s world-class.


Missed an opportunity by not playing Mussorgsky.

“Penguins at an exhibition”


It’s my museum. I love it. Will be happy when it reopens. I miss it so much


So true.

I’m always a penguin when I look at Art.

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Yes art and culture may well be important in Kansas… Dorothy… but here in Australia we prefer sport over ‘culture and intelligence’ any day:

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