Video: Jeff Koons, steel balloon animals, the Pink Panther, and Scarlett Johansson

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How delightful: a documentary about one of the most pretentious artists on Earth narrated by one of the most pretentious actors on Earth.


I’d listen to anything ScarJo narrates.

Also, typo: …who for decades has created INCREDIBLE monuments to popular culture >> not INCREDIBLY

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Why MOMA wastes time and money on this guy astounds me.


What saddens me is he’s acquired so many wealthy patrons, he can’t not unload the overpriced work product that churns out of his factory. And with all that shitty art in wealthy people’s houses, in front of corporate plazas, and occupying space in museums, people are deluded into calling him a “great” artist. It will take centuries for his insipid star to dim-- and, barring advances in telechrony or hibernation technology, I simply don’t have the time to wait him out.


It truly is one giant circle jerk.

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I know I’m supposed to hate Koons… but there was that one time I saw him interviewed by Katie Couric on the Today show about Puppy… and he creeped her out so much I ended up loving him.

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