Brett Kern's next-level ceramics look like inflatables


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I like them - but Jeff Koons is going to be pissed…


Too bad.


“Next level” just means “awesome”?


That was my exact thought too. What a douche, heh.


My first thought too, FWIW.


Awesome. My grandmother ran a ceramics shop out of her basement- this level of craftsmanship is difficult!


I don’t get it. Just buy the inflatables.


Personally I think Jeff Koons is an overrated car salesman. I like Brett Kern more, because he’s not Jeff Koons, but I still don’t find the work interesting.


Made of bronze, I think


I want one – for my nephews, of course. What did you think?


I think of him as an artist whose chosen medium is capitalism.


My exact thought. Here’s hoping for another Anish Kapoor/Stuart Semple-style feud.


Technically, almost every artist works in that.


But Jeff Koons does balloons - inflatable latex, not inflatable vinyl.

Completely different genre. (-:


And even more so the whole art scene of dealers and collectors. Most of them don’t really care about art – it’s basically just investments not any different from stocks or gold.


Much harder market to “read” though.
I knew a husband and wife team who were multi-millionaires. They didn’t start out rich, he was just a programmer, but she bought things she liked at small art galleries for a few hundred bucks, and they almost invariably appreciated several 1000% within a few years. After a couple decades of that he quit his job and essentially became her assistant. Her brain was somehow naturally wired into what everybody else would be paying big bucks for in the future.


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