Short documentary about controversial artist Jeff Koons


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I used to resent the fact that he has a team of artisans that do much of the actual work[…]

So did Andy Warhol. I’ve heard a lot of people debate whether Jeff taking photos of having sex with his wife and then blowing them up to 8’ prints is art. I can hear the voice of my father, who taught fine art throughout much of the US now: “Who cares if it’s ‘Art’. Can ya sell it is what matters.”

And yes, he can.


Yeah, “Art is whatever you can get away with” as someone quipped.




Gotta love Duchamp… his stuff always brings a smile to my face.


He had his moments! LIke having a drag alter-ego:

Those high modernist kids had some crazy hi jinks!


Jeff Koons is not a sculptor.

He is an artist, yes, but his medium is Capitalism.


To be fair that art show was literally asking for anything, saying they wouldn’t turn away things for being too avant-garde.

Duchamp, of course, had to test that.