Penn and Teller explain vaccinations... in 2010!

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They have a pretty big libertarian following, so here’s hoping they’ll eventually get through to some of the anti-gummint/anti-vax folks who haven’t been willing to listen to anyone else.


Fuck Andrew Wakefield with a rusty railroad spike.


in 2010!

Proof, that we have had vaccines all along!


I used to really enjoy this show. I ended up re-watching the whole series a few months ago and some of them still hold up, while others do not. A few it looks like they didn’t re-release for streaming, like the Mother Theresa episode.

I’ve seen a couple “no true Scotsmen” comments about Penn after he has rejected Trumpism and was even seen palling around and supporting Newsom during the recall.


But what 'bout my Freedumb!?


No, more likely it will earn them death threats from their libertarian following.


Sideways, and vigorously!


Perhaps a not-safe-for-work warning?

I’ve heard a libertarian argument that basically boils down to:

  • mandates on masks and vaccines are poison to freedom

  • vaccines, however, are sensible and everyone should exercise their choice by getting vaccinated

  • now that vaccines are out there and people have a choice, open everything up lest the free world burn to fascist rubble

In that instance, it’s at least not doubting the science. It’s doubting the rest of our collective reality.


To expand on this, vaccines are necessary just as car insurance is necessary even without state mandates as you should be held automatically liable for any/all damage from negligence on your part (unfortunately, tort law is inefficient so it’s better to just do the state mandate and deal with a few whiners).


Um, the name of the show is BULLSHIT?

Darwin awards?

crinkling paper sounds…

Yes and yes.

Peoples liberties and freedom is amplified in the most stupid of ways given the GLOBAL evidence.

Yeah but I’m happy to give up my freedom and liberties to drive a car.

It’s a pity about the Mother Theresa episode being pulled because people really need to know how messed up she was, as she claimed that “suffering was a gift from God” in her hospitals. Which of course she didn’t use herself when she got sick.


There were a couple that were “too hot for Hulu”.

Bullshit was a great show, right up until they starting looping in their climate change denialism. Penn is a problematic guy who also happens to be right about some things. Whether Penn’s content has been a net positive or net negative on the world, I leave to the historians of the future. Regardless, most of Bullshit was great.

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Unfortunately whenever their evidence-based-worldview stance butted up against their small-government-libertarian stance it was usually the libertarian side that won out.

Last I’d heard Penn’s public position was “OK, maybe climate change is real but surely our species’ scientific genius will come up with a technological fix before things get too bad so let’s not take any drastic countermeasures that might hurt the economy.”


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