Pens painted like iconic space race rockets


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“Is that a rocket in your pocket?”


“Pens in the shape of iconic space race rockets”

Really, not so much the shape as the paint job.


Nah, I’m just happy to see you.


Nifty, but I’m happy with the original space pen:


Ok… but how do I BUY one?


I looked around online - it looks like they’re sold out at all the stores that carried them.


Retro 51 pens are really nice they have a wonderful weight and feel great when writing. I had 2 at one time but not sure where they have gone. I have two of their mechanical pencils as well and use those regularly.


Another article said the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation was the only source. Theirs all come with signatures and run $185 and up.


Can you put a Fisher refill in a Retro51?

They take Parker-style. Does Fisher do a Parker-style?

Yes! Can be adapted


Goulet Pens has them listed as coming in November. I haven’t checked the other online writing utensil specific sites.


*Sees headline and pulls wallet out while drooling slightly well before clicking the link*



Thanks, clarified.



Gadsden Flag



Just for the record, the Retro 51 Tornado was number 8 on that list of Best 100 Pens that was linked the other day:


I think the ASF exclusivity is just for the low serial number sets with autographs. Other than those, I presume the pens will be sold elsewhere.


Hallmark had a good run of NASA stuff in the 90’s. I’m not sure if they do it now.
But here’s a link to one of the many NASA ornaments that adorn our Christmas Tree.


I got an ad from that showed these within the last couple of days. Honestly haven’t checked availability tho…


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