People are creating huge online archives of GIFs from 90s CD-ROMs

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there are tons of these on where they will be available long after they are deleted from google drive Photo and Clip Art CD-ROMs : Free Software : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive


I spent about ten minutes digging around through both collections linked in the article. I was hoping there would be some great retro cheese in there, but mostly struck out. The collections seem to mostly be a mix of very low-res, mediocre stock photos and a zillion header / spacer / widget / whatever animations that were neither good enough to use nor bad enough to appreciate for kitsch value.

Oh, well.


Since it’s that time of year, in case you or anyone else is not aware of this gem:


Is somebody trying to resurrect geocities?
Under Construction 90S GIF by Marcie LaCerte


For the love of bog, why?

I mean, my own personal site isn’t fancy (It’s firmly in the “simple table and light CSS” category of html coding) but it works, and on the rare occasion I need to update it, It’s straightforward for me to do so. Also, simple means no wordpress or other CMS vulnerabilities to keep on top of. About the most complex thing I have on there is a photo gallery, which I had to rebuild when the old version of it broke from a php update and at the same time I discovered that not only was there no upgrade path to a newer version, but the newer version also didn’t support the version of php that the webhost is using, so that got tossed and something else put in. (It uses HTML5 for most of it’s tricks.)


It is my experience that these things don’t last long. There was an huge archive of 90’s Sample CD’s for loading into Akai samplers and the like on the Internet Archive. It has recently been taken down due to copyright claims.

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