People are putting their holiday lights back up to bring joy and hope

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Well that and looters would not be willing to risk breaking into a home that is well lit.

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Pffft! The neighbours across the street never took them down. Or unplugged them from the timer.


Yessss. Put them back up. That’s the ticket.


God willing, they will not fall off the roof and take up a hospital bed.

Damn I’m good. I could tell this photo was taken on Ursulines Avenue.

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Here in Aurora IL (slogan: the city of lights) it is a tradition of sorts to leave ones Christmas lights up for as long as possible. Theres no shortage of lights still aglow.

A few years ago the city passed an ordinance mandating that Christmas displays have to be shut off by February 25th, but have extended it to mid April during particularly cold winters.

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I wouldn’t expect this move to be taken up by the vast numbers who now have no money coming in. Bigger power bills, you know.

The lights are ok, but if we start hearing Christmas music in Spring I will go insane.

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